July 4th


Today was Independence Day for us Americans, and I can still hear fireworks going off as I type this. Despite having a stale Cheeto as President, it’s still important to have pride in your country and remember its history.

I decided to spend part of the day at the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. I haven’t been there since I was a kid, despite it being so close, so I thought it would be cool to drop by and take some pictures.

Independence Day and the Battle of Antietam are two different things that happened in different months and different years, but I just somehow ended up there today. The Battle of Antietam was part of the Civil War and took place on September 17, 1862. It’s one of the bloodiest single days in America’s history. Over 22,000 soldiers, between the Union and the Confederacy, were killed or wounded.

It called for rain today, but luckily it held out until later on. The sky was dark in places, though, which actually made for some pretty pictures.

The observation tower.


DSJM2015Cannons were used to strike enemy soldiers.

ABWL2490The fence near Bloody lane, where over 5,500 soldiers lay dead in the sunken road.



XFDX0823Burnside Bridge




After getting back from the battlefield, we had a little cookout at my house. I ate some hot dogs with coleslaw, baked beans, macaroni salad, and corn on the cob. It was delicious!


I also really loved my makeup today. Last year I did navy blue eyeshadow, white eyeliner, and red lips. It actually looked nice, but I wanted to do something a little more subtle this year. I used darker blue and silver-blue eyeshadow with blue eyeliner for the eyes and just a clear gloss for the lips. I don’t care who thinks blue eyeshadow is tacky, I will always love it even when it’s not the fourth of July.



14 thoughts on “July 4th

  1. Beautiful pictures!

    As I get older July 4th just seems less important to me I guess. i still celebrate with my family and friends but it isn’t as exciting to me as it use to be. Not to mention the fact that i find the random street fireworks to be super annoying. I remember when I was young my mother took us to see fireworks. Ones that actually looked great in the sky and not these street fireworks that look like a caveman trying to start a fire.

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    1. “Street fireworks that look like a caveman trying to start a fire.” LOL! Good to see you are still around, Shannon. You have a different site now, but I recognize your photo from my old blogging days.


  2. I’m loving your photos, especially the yummy food and gorgeous selfies! Despite having a stale cheeto?? Love this!! I still try to have some pride in my country, too. It’s difficult at times when I see the insanity the foolery that is happening on a daily basis.

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  3. I loved seeing the historical sites. I’m not as lucky here in California, so I don’t get to see as many fun places as you do. I’m glad you had a bunch of fun! I got stuck at home doing absolutely nothing. So boring!

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    1. There’s history all over the place, so I’m sure you could find some unique places in California.

      I’ve also been to Gettysburg, PA (it’s about an hour drive), which was also part of the Civil War, but I didn’t get a chance to explore there as much as I would like to.


      1. I’ve been to Gettysburg for a field trip when I was in 8th grade. Didn’t get to do much since there were so many students and too much noise to hear anything the tour guides were saying. LOL.

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  4. I’ve always LOVED your photography, so needless to say, your photos came out gorgeous. I love the ominous sky in the last two (like you, I’ve always loved taking photos of clouds).

    You definitely rock the blue eyeshadow. Love the subtle look and how it came out.

    I worked so I didn’t get to celebrate the 4th of July. Your food looked amazing. My Mom made a roast, which really has nothing to do with the 4th of July (it’s all about the BBQ), but it was still delicious.

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  5. The Civil War in general was so bloody especially Antietam. They fought for something more back than what we do today. It’s a shame that we don’t have those same values anymore.

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  6. I love the pictures you took, especially ones of the bridge. It looks beautiful there! I love going to historic sites and taking a look back at history. I went to many historic sites in St. Augustine last November. I will have to share them sometime!

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    1. I’ve been to St. Augustine! It was just a short visit to the Alligator Farm though, so I didn’t get to do much exploring. I’m going to be in Daytona in a couple weeks and might visit St. Augustine again if I have time.


  7. I love your pictures from July 4th! Sounds like you had a great time at the battlefield. It’s always nice to visit historical places.

    Oh wow, that food looks fantastic! I’ve never put coleslaw on hotdogs before, but it’s such a great idea. I’ll definitely have to try it! And that macaroni salad looks so tasty!

    Love your blue eyeshadow. It’s so pretty!

    Glad you had a fun 4th of July!


  8. This was such an interesting post to read, as I’m from England! So I love seeing how Americans celebrate the 4th July, I especially love that you colour co-ordinated your make-up 🙂 thanks for this lovely post!


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