C&O Canal Fun!


I finally got to take my bike to the C&O Canal yesterday. I’ve still been unable to find a bike rack that works with my car, so I have to rely on my mom to put my bike in her SUV and take me places. She dropped me off and then went shopping. I got to ride up and down the towpath for two hours, stopping to take pictures along the way. I had a blast! I would like to go riding there every single weekend, but factors (like weather and other plans) might keep that from happening. I definitely want to go as often as I can though.

It’s incredibly peaceful and relaxing to put in some earphones, go cruising in nature, and feel the nice breeze blowing against you. I have to say, my bum is super sore today though from the hard bike seat. It’s totally worth it.

I don’t recall seeing a chance of rain yesterday, but suddenly while riding the clouds turned dark and the wind really picked up. I turned around and started to head back when I felt my phone vibrating. I took my earphones out to answer it, and it was my mom telling me that bad weather was coming so she was on her way to get me and would be there within five minutes. In a hurry to beat the weather, I completely forgot about my earphones and just started pedaling really fast to make it back in time. I made it all the way off the towpath and to the parking lot when suddenly my earphones that had been dangling got caught in my bike. They got completely wrapped up, and after untangling them from the bike I saw that wires had gotten ripped out. I put them back in my ears, expecting the worse, and sure enough they no longer worked. I was so mad and upset with myself! I had to go out today and buy a new pair. I only really like the Apple earpods, so it cost me $30. I’m definitely going to try to be more careful with this pair.












As you can see from the last photo, I made it back to the lot just in time. As soon as we got the bike into the car, it started raining pretty hard. Although, as mentioned earlier, my poor earphones did not make it.

My mom and I went out today and I bought a new pair. Then we stopped at Chipotle to eat. It’s on the complete opposite side of town, so I don’t get to eat there very often, but I just love their burrito bowls. It really hit the spot! While eating, I was discussing this whole fiasco with the house (see last blog entry), and I think I might be getting her to lean my way a little more. She did mention that it’s probably best to stay where we are for now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I just hope other family members (like my Aunt) don’t get in her head again because she’s easily influenced by others.


16 thoughts on “C&O Canal Fun!

  1. Hope you’ll find a neat bike rack for your car soon! Glad to see you taking a ride on your bike through these beautiful sceneries. Sorry to hear that your earphones got tangled up, at least you got a new pair! You can never go wrong with Apple earpods. They’re well made and feel comfortable!

    Your Chipotle bowl looks delicious! Hope things will work out with the housing situation.


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  2. This reminded me how I also got my favorite earphones broken because I was also in a hurry and pulled it out suddenly. I bought a cheap pair for the meantime and would probably save up for a brand new good pair in a few weeks. Loving your shots btw and I’m hoping everything turns out well with your current situation. I thought I’d be able to do things my way soon as I’m out of my parents’ place but now I also have to consider my husband’s decision and the things that have been happening around.


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  3. You’re making me want to go riding again. You don’t know this story. But I live in a pretty interesting area. Lots of hills and mountainside. My neighbor rode down the mountain. Then I was to follow. (I had never done that kind of riding before.) I couldn’t control the bike. I fell off, landed into a bush. I knew I was hurt, but didn’t know how badly. Suffice to say, I ended-up tearing the cartilage in my ribs. The doctor said it would have been better to have broken my ribs, since they heal quicker. The pain was the worst I had ever felt. For 2 months straight, I had to sleep sitting up on a couch. I could not sleep flat on a bed. Two other times, I hurt so bad, I actually blacked out from the pain. Also, because of the ribs, coughing, sneezing, laughing, anything basically caused me to be in pain.

    Anyways, I LOVED riding until then. I actually had been exercising three times a day before that incident. I stopped a lot of my life because of it. So good for you! I’m so glad you’re riding. Just please be careful. I had no helmet, no protective anything on. I was dumb. Don’t be me!

    Chipotle – My favorite restaurant! What meat did you end-up getting in your Bol?

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  4. I love these photos! It looks so relaxing and serene. It’s good you made it back in time before the storm. Sorry about your earphones!

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