Gender Reveal & Birthday Fun

The only time I was home the entire weekend was to sleep, and I was at work all day today, so I’m just getting around to making this post. I’ve been feeling pretty tired and lazy. I’m very much an introvert, so constantly being around people the last few days has me feeling drained. I’ve also only gotten about half the sleep I usually do, so I need to catch up on that as well.

On Saturday I had to wake up early and go to my cousin’s house an hour and a half away for her gender reveal party. I think I was almost as excited as her and her husband to find out the sex. We had to wear blue or pink depending on what we thought. I had this really deep feeling that it was going to be a boy, so I wore blue.

We all gathered around as my cousin and her husband cut into the cake, which would reveal either blue or pink icing on the inside. She lifted the slice of cake up, and everyone started screaming and cheering when they saw the blue icing inside. I guess my intuition was right after all. My cousin started crying, and her husband started jumping up and down and clapping because he really wanted a boy. I’m really happy for them both!


After the gender reveal party, I had to go to another relatives 31st birthday party. There really isn’t too much to say about that. We sat outside by the fire pit, talked, and had some drinks. Some of the people who were supposed to show up didn’t, so we were disappointed about that. We still had a good time though. We even set off some fireworks, which were really pretty. I also took this really cool picture of the fire, which I think kind of resembles a dragon.


On Sunday, I went to visit my dad. Since his car accident left him injured and without a car, I bought groceries to give to him, and we watched movies. I’ve managed to raise $210 for him so far on GoFundMe. I would love to give him even more, but I’m just happy that several people actually found it in their hearts to donate. Especially the ones who have never met my dad. I honestly didn’t think anyone would.

10 thoughts on “Gender Reveal & Birthday Fun

  1. As an introvert, I totally get the need to escape from people and charge up our social batteries. I have to be an extrovert for my job, and it’s so exhausting! Thank goodness for the weekends!

    Those parties sounded like fun. The gender reveal party — good on you for having great intuition 🙂 That fire dragon looks really neat. What a great shot!

    Hope things go well for your dad. That was nice of you to pick up his groceries ^_^

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  2. Gender reveal parties seem fun. I’ve seen a few some TV shows I’ve been following on TLC (LPBW – Little People Big World) and I think people have some really creative ideas. One of my favorite reveals were popping balloons and the confetti would be either pink or blue.

    I loved your photos. ❤

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    1. I think if I’m ever pregnant, I would want to do a box reveal. Wrap and decorate a big box in blue and pink, and go to a party store and have them put either blue or pink helium balloons in it, depending on the sex. Then you open the box, and the balloons float out.


  3. The gender reveal party sounds so cool. I love that they used to cake to find out. That’s such a lovely idea. I’ve been to a baby shower before, but they didn’t want to know the gender until the birth so nothing like that happened. It’s a lovely way to get everyone involved!

    I love your dragon fire photo! You definitely took that at a good moment.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope everything gets better for him.

    – Amy (


  4. I always love looking at how gender reveal parties are put together. People can be really creative! Your guess was totally right! Congrats to your cousin for having a boy! Hope everything will go well :). Your dad has my best wishes!


  5. When I get pregnant, I would also want to throw a gender-reveal party. I’d want my loved-ones to know my baby’s gender all at the same time. I wonder how my parents would react. xD



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