My mom and I planned to eat crabs today, so we went and they were very crowded. We were there for an hour waiting on our crabs to be ready. While we were waiting, I was standing off to the side by myself, and this guy came over and started hitting on me. He was asking me if I wanted to go get drinks and smoke weed. It was awkward and uncomfortable. I lied and told him I had a boyfriend, and he was still being persistent. Thankfully my mom came over and saved the day. As soon as she came over, he backed down real quick and then left.

Once we got home and were eating crabs, this butterfly kept hanging out on me outside. It really seemed to like me for some reason. I don’t get to see butterflies that often, so I get excited when I get to see one. Especially if they stay around long enough for me to get pictures.


12 thoughts on “Butterfly

  1. Ugh, I would have told the guy off if he didn’t back off after telling him I’m not single or something. The persistency is not welcomed 😡

    The butterfly is so cool. I love how you were able to get these photos by it hanging onto you ^^

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  2. Boys can be so rude sometimes! I am glad your mum was there for you! Maybe the butterfly landing on you was a sign or a form of protection! It must of really liked you to stay on you for so long, its so beautiful! xx

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  3. It’s not cool whenever random guys come and start hitting on you. I wish it’s legal to pepper spray them the moment they ask or something. Something similar happened to me recently and that’s not ok. Glad your mom was there to save you from that guy’s presence.


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