Ideas For Throwing a Spooktacular Halloween Party

If I had the means and the money, I would love to throw a killer Halloween party. Of course you don’t have to be rich to throw an awesome party. However, with my birthday falling just a couple weeks after Halloween, I usually have a party then instead. Plus, my friend goes crazy with decorating her house, so she’s usually the one having a Halloween get-together. Still, I thought it would be fun to fantasize about all the things I would love to have at a Halloween bash, and it might even give you some ideas if you decide to throw one of your own.

Whether you choose to mail your invites, or send out your invites online (my preferred method), you can find cute and creative ways to do so. I’m absolutely loving these Costumes & Cocktails invites from Zazzle, as well as these Vampire-esque invites from Evite.

You can find these here and here.

You can find these here and here.

You don’t have to go crazy with decorating your house, but it’s still nice to have a little decor to fit your Halloween theme.

These paper lanterns are the perfect way to decorate without going over the top or over your budget.

You can get them here and here.

You’ll of course want a snazzy table cloth, and if you have a fireplace, a mantel scarf. I love this black and white style because it has a classy vibe to it, and it will go with whatever color scheme you choose.

You can find these here and here.

You’re going to need cutlery, cups, plates, and napkins for your guests. You’ll also need some serving containers to serve food and snacks in. I always like to go for sectional platters where I can put different things in each section. This Halloween platter is super cute and super cheap to boot. There are also matching plates, cups, and napkins if you want.


You can get it here.

If you’re going for something a little more fancy, like perhaps for a dinner party, these ceramic plates are absolutely perfect. They have Halloween sayings on them, and they’re elegant to boot.


Get them here.

Food and Drink
What is a party without food and drinks? It’s even more fun when you get creative with it. Here are some cool food and drink ideas/recipes that I came across.


Pumpkin Deviled Eggs


Spider Web Taco Dip


Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes


Black Lemonade


Vampire Punch

Socializing, drinking, and eating is fun enough. But sometimes it’s great to have other things going on as well. Two things that I think are really fun is making a fire and roasting marshmallows (Mmm s’mores) and bobbing for apples. It’s a classic.

What kind of playlist you want to have is up to you since everyone has their own musical tastes. I would like to choose something that has a Halloween feel to it. These are a few songs I would personally choose for my party playlist.

Set the Mood
Before guests arrive, it’s awesome to set the mood with some cool lighting and even a fog machine for special effect if you’re up for it. You can use blacklights, fairy lights, and/or colored light bulbs. You can get these items at many places, including Walmart or Amazon.

17 thoughts on “Ideas For Throwing a Spooktacular Halloween Party

  1. There are some great Halloween party tips here! I’ve never thrown any sort of party before, but I bet Halloween ones are so much fun to do. My friend used to have one every year and their house looked brilliant. They had smoke machines to fog up the garden and everything. It was amazing!

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  2. These ideas are actually really useful! I threw a halloween party last year and the year before and while they ended up being lots of fun, I was underwhelmed by the limited amount of decor I was able to get to work with my budget. Sadly, this year I don’t have the time to throw one.

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  3. These ideas are awesome! My boyfriend and I were just talking about putting together a little something for a few friends at our apartment (: now I think we’ll try to decorate our mantle and I’ve gotta get some purple lights

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