Cool Halloween Finds


I am quite the homebody, so you rarely find me going to stores. I much prefer online shopping in the comfort of my own home. However, I got the urge to stop by Target on my way home yesterday just to see what Halloween stuff they had out. I ended up getting a Boo throw pillow for the couch and a Happy Halloween sign for on the wall. I also got a gray faux fur throw for my bed (although not exactly Halloween related, but I’ll include it at the end of the post). There were quite a few other things I wanted but just didn’t have the money to spend at the moment. Here are some of the cool things I came across while I was there.

14 thoughts on “Cool Halloween Finds

  1. This is amazing. Up until about… 5 years ago, Halloween wasn’t really celebrated in my country. Even now, we are still warming up to the idea. Yesterday when I went shopping, we had full pumpkins for sale! That’s new!

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  2. Damn that’s some cute stuff! I am so sad that Halloween is over. Why does Christmas stuff get to start on Nov 1st (or earlier) and extend til New Years while Halloween barely gets 31 days. So unfair. I taught my son about Day of the Dead and we celebrated that this year so that I could keep the skulls going. (Although I suppose I don’t need any special reason to keep the skulls motif going.)

    Saw your comment on Christine’s blog and so happy to see you’re still around and awesome!

    Also, we have a bunch of the Halloween stickers in this post. I do the whole mom thing with a giant plastic bin of Halloween decor, craft supplies, books, and costume bits that get pulled out of storage for October. I remember the seasonal bins coming out being so fun & exciting as a kid and I hope my boys feel the same.

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    1. Hi, Janine! It’s been so long! It’s good to see you’re still lurking around too. I took a long 6 year break from blogging but decided to create a blog again over the summer.

      You’re totally right. It does seem like Christmas gets celebrated longer than what Halloween does. Although it does take a little more preparation, like putting up a tree and buying all the gifts. I kind of find that to be a bit stressful though.

      That’s good that you’re doing that for your kids. Holiday’s are always so special and exciting when you’re young. If I had kids, I would want to do the same and give them that same experience.


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