5 Awesome Planners & Journals You Need In Your Life

Whether you use them for school, work, blogging, or some other reason, planners and journals can always serve some sort of purpose. Some people use them to stay organized, some use them to set goals, and others just use them for a creative or emotional outlet. Either way, these are some awesome finds I came across that I think could make any person happy.


Unicorn Magic Planner
This zippered planner is wallet sized, so you can easily carry it in your purse with you. It comes with 12 dividers, monthly and weekly calendars, and goal sheets.


Tabtastic Journal
You can get this journal in the Sweet Treats design, Junk Food design, or Emoji design. The first two are my favorites. This brand is actually for tweens, but many of us still have a little bit of a kid inside. It also comes with scented stickers. I just can’t resist this cuteness.  It has lined, dotted, and grid paper separated by cute tabs.


Full Moon Journal
This journal is absolutely beautiful! It comes with lined paper, and you can use it for whatever you wish.


Burn Book
You can have your own Burn Book, just like in Mean Girls. Although, hopefully yours will serve a nicer purpose. 😉 It comes with your choice of lined pages or blank pages.


Haunted Sticker Kit
You can turn any notebook or journal into a beautiful gothic planner with this sticker kit. It contains 200+ stickers for you to use to your desire.

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