Halloween Party & Decorations


Saturday evening I went to my friend/relative’s Halloween party. Only about half the people who were invited came, which I know bummed her out a little bit. It was the same for me because I would have loved to have seen everyone too. However, just because a ton of people doesn’t show up, doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time. That’s exactly what we did too. Sadly, I had to leave just as things were really getting lively. My mom was my designated driver, and she came to get me pretty early because she was tired. Oh well, at least I got to get out for a little while.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend goes crazy with decorating her house for Halloween. She said she wasn’t able to get all of her decorations out this year due to time restraints and not feeling well, but I thought her house and yard still looked pretty awesome. I made sure to take pictures of most of the decorations.

I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on a costume this year, so I just opted for painting my face instead, which was a heck of a lot cheaper. I decided to do a Pennywise look because I figured it would be simple enough for me. Plus, I really liked the remake when I went to see it. I think my makeup turned out okay, but it’s a little uneven in spots, and I didn’t get to put some of the finishing touches on it like I wanted to. That’s because dummy me didn’t start doing my makeup soon enough and then my mom was trying to rush me out the door. I think it turned out okay though, even if it’s not perfect.



I love this cool webbing and how pretty it looks with the lights.


I had to take a mirror selfie in the bathroom because I love the cool colored lights.
I look creepy here. lol
We were going to have a fire, but it was too windy. We ended up over in the garage area since it blocked out some of the wind.
My friend’s cat, Ouija. She’s so cute! This was after she finished gnawing on my hand. lol

24 thoughts on “Halloween Party & Decorations

  1. Oh gosh I just got back from seeing It, you did so good on your face–I knew right away! Her decorations are so awesome! She really does go all out!

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  2. Woah that house looks amazing! I’d love to check it out πŸ˜‚ I’m sure they looked incredible up close. And your makeup was great, I love the look ☺️ I still have to watch the remake but everyone has said it’s amazing. And that is a cute kitty!

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  3. She always goes all out on the decorations. I’ve seen photos from previous years and I’ve always been super impressed. It looks like you had an awesome time.
    I loved your costume as well. It was cost effective and your make up came out great!

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