Things I Love About the 90’s


I was born in the late 80’s, but I’m a straight up 90’s kid. My earliest memories are when I was 3 years old (which I turned in late 1991), so I have plenty of memories from this truly awesome decade. If I had to pick one decade that is my absolutely favorite, it is most definitely the 90’s. Here is a list of some of my favorite things about the 90’s.

There were so many fun things to do in the 90’s that didn’t revolve around the internet. Playing my Super Nintendo and going to the skating rink were among my favorite things to do. My mom got rid of my nintendo years back without my permission, which I’m still mad about. Also, skating rinks aren’t as popular as they used to be. I feel like if I showed up to one, it would just be full of kids.


Okay, I absolutely hated school. However, when I look back on it, elementary school really wasn’t that bad. If I had known how awful middle school (especially) and high school would be, I would have embraced it more. I loved playing Oregon Trail in the computer lab. We also had those cool plastic square lunch boxes. I remember I had a Barbie one. I used to have Lunchables packed all the time, and I loved those. I also loved how colorful the school supplies were back then. I remember I had this awesome neon Jansport backpack that I loved. Also, who can forget the multitude of Lisa Frank school supplies? It was one of the things that made going back to school exciting. I had some Lisa Frank mini erasers I apparently loved so much that in 1st grade I got one of them stuck up my nose. The school sent me home and my grandma pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. haha

Me on the first day of 1st grade, 1994.

Food & Drinks
As mentioned previously, Lunchables were one of my favorite things to eat in the 90’s. (I still buy some from time to time). There were other great things as well, such as SqueezIt, the fandom Fantasy Ball lollipops from Chupa Chups (I had the Spice Girls and Buffy ones), Ecto Cooler, McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys ( I had a whole chest full of those toys at one point. I wish I had kept them), Cookie Crisp, Shark Bites, Warheads, Dunkaroos, Surge, and Capri Sun. Some of this stuff is still around, but it just doesn’t seem the same as it did back then.


There are so many amazing movies from the 90’s, I can’t possibly name them all. I actually grew up being a huge horror fan, even from a super young age. I watched other things too though. Some favorites that come to mind are Hocus Pocus, the Child’s Play movies, Edward Scissorhands, Species, Twister, and Scream. I’ve included even more favorites below because the 90’s was the perfect decade for movies.


Almost all of my favorite TV shows came from the 90’s. Although I didn’t start watching Beverly Hills, 90210 until the early 2000’s, it’s very much 90’s. It’s so fun to re-watch that show and check out the hair, makeup, and fashion styles of the 90’s. My favorite show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also premiered in the 90’s, and I’ve watched it since that first episode aired. I used to watch Nickelodeon a lot too, and I always had to be home every Saturday night for SNICK. I especially loved Rugrats, All That, and Are You Afraid of the Dark.


There are so many songs from the 90’s that I absolutely love. There is no way I could possibly name them all. I’ll list some of my favorites though.

Plus, who can forget the huge phenomenon that was the Spice Girls and Hanson, and Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC. We also witnessed the start of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera’s careers.


I didn’t have internet in the 90’s, so I would spend a lot of time reading. I had a huge collection of Goosebumps books (which my mom also got rid of behind my back and I’m still mad about). I also used to read Babysitter’s Club and Amelia’s Notebooks.


Oh man, what a time to be alive. Being able to be a kid in the 90’s was certainly the best thing ever. I absolutely loved Troll Dolls for some reason and wanted to collect them.They had been around for some time, but they were a staple in my childhood. I remember I even troll doll earrings. I also collected pogs, and I know I still have mine stored away somewhere. I will still never forget the Christmas I opened one of my presents to find a pair of Moon Shoes. I was so excited. They were kind of like little trampolines attached to your feet, only not as fun. Also, I don’t think anybody can forget the Furby craze. Those things were just crazy. I had a black and white one. Tamagotchi’s/Giga Pets were all the rage in the 90’s too. Unfortunately, I never really got to experience that for more than a week. I got one for Christmas and as soon as I went back to school, I took it with me. Somebody stole it out of my desk that day. That was my favorite Christmas present that year, and nobody bought me another one after that. I still get mad and upset thinking about that.


The 90’s, like any decade, came with it’s share of both good and bad fashion. I’m actually a bit obsessed with 90’s style clothing, and I try to incorporate it into my look sometimes. I hated white tee’s under dresses for the longest time, but I’m actually starting to appreciate it more now. I always thought jelly shoes were awesome, and I had several pairs. I don’t really see them ever making a comeback though.


I still wonder why crimped hair ever died out. I used to crimp my hair all the time in the 90’s, and I honestly always loved how it looked. Scrunchies were pretty awesome too. Also, who can forget the butterfly clips? They were everywhere! My favorite hair accessory was probably headbands. I used to rock them almost every day.


I don’t care what anyone says, I live for the blue eyeshadow and frosted lips of the 90’s. Another fad was brown lipstick, which thankfully has made a comeback because I always thought it looked best on me.


Naturally, I couldn’t include everything in this post or it would go on forever. What are some of your favorite things about the 90’s?

32 thoughts on “Things I Love About the 90’s

  1. I was born in 1998, so I wasn’t old enough then to enjoy all the 90’s things… but some of them carried over and I remember using or seeing a lot of these things haha. It’s crazy how the style and fashion changes over the years. Makes me feel way too old haha πŸ’™

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  2. I love this post! Lisa Frank school supplies, butterfly clips, All That! I can’t get enough! Definitely the best decade by far. I’ve noticed some 90s fashion circling back around, which I am all for, tbh! But you have to admit, those furbies were creeepy sometimes haha

    great post xx

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  3. I love the 90’s, and this blog, too! I was 9 when I entered the decade.
    I had a Super Nintendo. “Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 stars” was my favorite game.
    Speaking of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and computer games, have you ever played “The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse?” My cousin and I did. Sadly, she lost the CD, and we never got to finish it.
    I also read a good handful of “Goosebumps” and “Babysitter’s Club”.books.

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  4. I don’t even know where to start with this post. It brought back so many freaking memories that my brain is reeling right now. Hours playing Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Jansport and Lisa Frank. The roller skating rink was my favorite place. My local place actually has college and adult night and it gets packed. You should check yours! Remember every Friday was TGIF with Family Matters and Boy Meets World, etc. I lived for those. And I devoured The Babysitters Club books back to back. I loved my childhood, and it’s so much fun going back through it. Thanks for all the cool memories!

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    1. Glad you liked the post. πŸ˜„ I did check the sites of the skating rinks where I live, but I didn’t see anything about an adult night. Maybe I’ll look into going ice skating. I’ve only been once but it was really fun.


  5. This post just screamed major nostalgia for me! I was born in 1991 so I basically experienced the 90s era. AHHHH Britney Spears & Backstreet Boys were my jam and still are to this day!

    Aw man, totally missing the old PlayStation system. The new ones are too high-tech for me now xD I’m officially getting old.

    And aww, your photo of your first day is the cutest!!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

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    1. I had my Super Nintendo & then my Playstation, but I never got any gaming systems after that. I miss playing video games, but they’re so expensive and they’re always coming out with new consoles.


  6. Where do I begin?

    – I used to live for the Lisa Frank school supplies and the troll dolls – which i collected.

    – I have a funny story regarding the moon shoes. My Dad bought them for me because I got Honor Roll in Elementary school (since he used to reward me for good report cards and buy me anything I wanted). I always used to have those rubber bands snap. I was outside walking around on the driveway and decided to try to jump down the curb. Well, a rubber band snapped, sending me flying into the street, nearly getting hit by a car. A few weeks later, I decided it would be pretty cool to try to jump on my friends trampoline while wearing the moon shoes. I’m surprised I didn’t break a bone. LMAO.

    – When I was in 5th grade, my friend Amanda taught me how to walk on stilts, so I begged my Mom to get me a pair. They were super hard to find, but my Mom found a set at “Zany Brainy” that came with a pogo stick. They were definitely one of my favorite toys of the 90s.

    – I’ve been playing the Super Nintendo Classic Mini and it brings back so many memories. Yesterday, I think I played for about 6 hours straight and had to stop because my back started hurting. Some of those shows still come on late at night on Teen Nick and I watch them when I’m up late with my insomnia.

    – I used to love all of those drinks, snacks and bands. Didn’t really care for Surge that much.

    – The style that sticks out for me were those jelly shoes. Even though they used to give me blisters and weird tan lines on my feet, I used to love them. I also used to love those parachute pants and used to have this body suit I would always wear. Used to get a huge kick out of the sound when you walked.

    – I never learned how to rollerblade, but I used to love skating on those traditional inline skates. I had the blue ones with the yellow wheels that attached to your shoes, which taught me how to skate. I went to the skating rink almost every Friday night, until I was about 11 or 12. This High school kid started bullying me, pushed me down, and I had to call my Dad to come pick me up. I hadn’t gone back since.

    – I was crazy about the Spice girls, and of course the boy bands. My friends and I used to put on shows and make up our own dance routines. I also had 4/5 of the Spice Girl dolls.

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    1. Oh my. I couldn’t imagine trying to wear moon shoes and jump on a trampoline at the same time. lol I don’t remember ever having any “training” skates that little kids wear. I just remember one day my mom and grandma came home with a pair of skates they got from a yardsale (I think), and I just put them on and started going. They were really impressed. lol I still remember my first pair of rollerblades as well. I just put those on and started going as well. I always had an easier time with rollerblades than I did with rollerskates, actually. I had the Spice Girls dolls too. I think I had all 5 of them, but their hair got all messed up and stuff. Now I wish I had just kept them in the boxes.


  7. Ohh the 90s are my favorite πŸ’œ I was born in 93 so I still got to enjoy some of it, but grew up mostly in the early 2000’s. I absolutely love 90s music and movies. There’s this nostalgia factor. I still have my SNES, it’s actually in my room with the n64. Still two of my favorite systems ever. Your post made me so nostalgic for those little things that kids nowadays will never get to experience. The 90s were the best decade to grow up in!

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  8. I was born in 95 but I remember so many of these things from my childhood and this post reminded me of so many that I forgot about too! Like those fantasy ball suckers! (I was so obsessed with the Spice Girls.) I also totally forgot about Snick and those cute little butterfly clips, they were my favorite.

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  9. I am a 90’s child too. I am born in 93. So for 7 years I have experienced the best decade ever. I like that you saved your childhood memory of 1 St day at school. You are so cute and beautiful then and much more beautiful and pretty now. It looks like your prettiness grew over the years.
    I spent my childhood mostly lonely I have no friend. I love to watch horror movies like

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