November Glam Bag


The bag:
Ipsy was offering two different bags this month. Both had the same design, but one was a brown and gold color, the other blue. I wanted the brown and gold because it had a sort of vintage look about it that reminded me of the 70’s. Of course they sent me the blue one instead, which I had a feeling they would.

Naked Cosmetics: Loose Powder (in shade Mother Nature #06)
I’m truly in love with the color of this powder. It’s a brown and blue duochrome shade. The brown goes on more translucent and the blue is shimmery. The big problem I have with this is that it’s a loose powder. I probably won’t use this as much as I would like because of how messy it is. When I apply it, I always end up getting it all over my face, even when I’m being careful. I would like this a lot more if it wasn’t for that.

Touch In Sol: Advanced Real Moisture Foundation
I haven’t worn foundation in months because I don’t like the heavy feeling that a lot of foundations have. I stick to bb cream instead because it’s lighter and feels less oily on my face. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. It’s not full coverage, so it actually applies similar to the bb cream I’ve been using. Even without being full coverage, I still find it evens out my skin tone and serves its purpose.

Global Beauty Care: Dead Sea Mud Mask
I love face masks, but I wasn’t that excited when I saw I was receiving this. Mostly because I’ve used another dead sea mud mask and didn’t really like it since it seemed to dry out my skin. This mask left me pleasantly surprised. I liked it a lot better than the previous dead sea mask I used. My skin actually felt hydrated afterwards and not dry. My skin also felt smooth and looked radiant. The great thing about this packaging is that it comes with a cap to seal it back up so you can get multiple uses out of this.

Tarte: Amazonian Clay Blush (in shade Quirky)
I’m getting tired of ipsy sending me so many blushes. I really have more than I need right now. With that said, this blush by Tarte is quite decent. It’s a nice shade and is fairly pigmented. I like the packaging it’s in as well.

Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real! Mascara
Really ipsy? Another mascara? I currently have five mascara’s sitting in my drawer that I got from ipsy. One of those is the Smashbox X-rated mascara that is amazing and became my go-to. I can’t say the same for the rest of them, including this one. I thought the last mascara they sent me was unimpressive, but this one was even more-so. It did not do anything to add volume to my lashes, and I actually found it to be slightly clumpy.


25 thoughts on “November Glam Bag

    1. It really is a terrific blush. I love that it’s like clay and not super powdery. I am just irritated that ipsy has been sending me blushes all the time because I feel like it’s a waste. But this one is one that I will use though.

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    1. Yes, I know, I wanted to post more photos. Particularly of the Naked Cosmetics eyeshadow. I wanted to post a photo of me wearing it, but I’ve just been pressed for time. Plus, I work during daylight hours so don’t get much time for good light.

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  1. I was hoping to receive the tarte blush in quirky, instead I received feisty which is not complimentary to my fair skin. We both received the same Naked Cosmetics loose pigment, but the other items are so different! Sorry you didn’t get the gold/brown bag. At least getting the bag you wanted would have made up some for the meh products. Thank you for sharing. I like to see what other people get in their bags. 🙂

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  2. No you HAVE to use the It’s Real mascara! It’s my absolute all time favorite. I’ve tried other mascaras over the years and I ALWAYS go back to It’s Real. Trust me! And now you’ll have to tell me if you love it as much as I do haha.

    Susie |

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  3. I’m getting ready to get my first Ipsy bag next month, so I’ll get my opinion after that lol. It seems to be a mix of some good and some annoying repetitiveness. I started doing Birchbox as well, but have only gotten two boxes so far. I can’t complain yet, but I guess time will tell if it’s worth it!

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  4. Ah, bummer that you didn’t get the bag you wanted! I feel the same about loose powder eyeshadows. When I received the Ipsy bag the one thing I really liked was trying new mascaras all the time but I’m sorry that you’re sick of them! I really think I’ll be subscribing to the Ipsy bag again very soon!

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  5. I got the loose eyeshadow too and thought it was gorgeous! when I pulled it out of the bag I was like “eh” but when I swatched it I totally changed my mind. It’s super gorgeous! i do hate how messy it is, I was trying to photograph it and the powder went everywhere even when I wasn’t tilting it, so annoying. I would love it more if it was a pressed powder too or something.
    and i like the formula of the tarte blushes. i found it nice and long-lasting

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