Festive Bath Bombs for the Holiday Season

I just love seasonal items because it’s something you generally only get at certain times of the year, which makes it more fun and enjoyable. One of my favorite things to enjoy is a nice bath bomb. I decided to do some browsing on Etsy and thought I would share what looks like some awesome finds for this holiday season.


Peppermint Cocoa from Wylde Thyme Bath
How amazing does this sound? Chocolate and peppermint with a dash of vanilla. It also has bubble frosting on top that bubbles while the bomb fizzes.


Bayberry Fig from Janet’s Bath Boutique
This is a beautifully colored bath bomb, which also features the festive image of a Christmas tree on it. The scent is a mix of bayberry, clove, mistletoe, and sugar plum.


Mrs. Clause Cookies from Leebrick Candle Co.
This is a very cutely decorated bath bomb with the aroma of baked sugar cookies and buttercream frosting with a hint of vanilla. I’ve ordered this one for myself as well as some of their other goodies, so I’ll be sure to let you know how it is.


Ho-Ho-Ho from My Soap Company
A bath bomb reminiscent of a Christmas cookie. It is scented with sugar, marshmallow cream, cookie dough, vanilla, and chocolate chips.


Sweater Weather from My Soap Company
I love the colors of this one. It is scented with cyclamen flower, amber, and ivy, with undertones of sandalwood, jasmine, and oak moss.


Elf Nog by Country Market Crafts
This gorgeous bath bomb is scented with caramel, brown sugar, clove, cotton candy, and vanilla.


Peppermint Pine from New Moon Therapeutics
Not only does this bath bomb have the perfect Christmas blend of peppermint and pine, but it also has health benefits too. Peppermint helps to relieve sore muscles, and pine can help with sore throats and muscle aches.


Winter Solstice from Fizz The Love
This celestial bath bomb is fern, orris, musk flower, and woody based. It’s also infused with patchouli and geranium essential oils.


Rose Gold from Stefania Valenti
Ring in the New Year with this three piece rose gold set. The bath bombs are scented with amber, vanilla, and musk. The triple treat bar is scented with chocolate and strawberries.

Due to this being a seasonal post, most of these items are limited edition. Once these items sell out, the links may no longer work.

23 thoughts on “Festive Bath Bombs for the Holiday Season

      1. They really have – they had more of a collection for Halloween! They’ve just brought back a lot of the same things, which is great but I like to try all of the new stuff & get excited about it !

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    1. I know! I wanted to buy them all too, but since they’re from different shops I would have paid a ton for shipping. lol Can’t wait to try the ones I bought from one of the shops though. I’m still considering buying that rose gold set too.

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  1. Those all look so good! Bath tubs are not really a norm in here but I’d love to try one when I visit a hotel. Unfortunately, I can only really buy some from Lush. I wish they have a lot of festive ones!

    xx, Richel V. | richelvergara.com

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