Christmas Came Early: Wax Delivery


Last year for Christmas, my mom bought me a wax burner that I had asked for. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with burning wax melts. I burn them every day, for hours at a time. I actually think that smelling the delightful scents helps to put me in a relaxing mood. I actually prefer them to candles because there’s no flame, you don’t have to trim a wick, and I personally think the smell is stronger than just burning a candle. One of my favorite shops that I buy all my wax melts from is HouseWarmingWaxMelts on Etsy. They’re very affordable, and she decorates each set, which just makes it more fun. You can tell she puts her heart into what she creates.

This was my second time ordering from her shop. I ordered a bundle the last time and couldn’t wait to order more. I featured five favorite wax melts of hers that I tried in a previous post. As you will see, I loved Hippie Chick so much that I just had to order it again.

My package arrived in just a few days after it shipped, and as you can see each wax set was wrapped up nicely in wrapping paper. In that little black bag, she even included five free samples. Christmas came early! It sounds silly, but as I was opening each one, I was trying to guess which scent it was. One of the risks in buying scented items like this online is that you really don’t know what it smells like or if you’re going to like it. You kind of have to make your own assumptions about them until you actually get to smell them yourself. At the same time, that’s part of the fun. I was really anticipating my delivery just so I could finally smell each one that I ordered.

First, let me show you the samples I received. I received two samples of Hippie Chick because the set I ordered was not ready to be burned yet. It needed to settle for an additional four days, so I thought that was nice that the seller included those extras for me. The other three are ones I have not tried before.


Wax Members is one of the scents that made it’s debut for Halloween. I was curious about it, but unfortunately I did not like this one. I thought it smelled too much like cough syrup. It’s cherry scented, so that makes sense. Any time I smell or drink anything cherry, I am always reminded of cough syrup at first. It takes a while to get past that. Nyquil, you have ruined me. I’m sure this scent is probably fine for the average person.

Ghostly Brew smells absolutely amazing! I’ve actually got this one in my wax burner right now. I came close to buying this one, actually, and now I wish I had. It smells like cinnamon apple cider. It’s the perfect Fall scent, but I would still burn this one year-round.

Smell of Christmas is awesome too. It’s actually kind of hard to describe the scent, but the title fits. It’s definitely a smell that reminds me of Christmas. Now onto the sets that I ordered.



Glazed Donuts
I actually bought this one as a Christmas present for my mom. I think she will like this scent. I quite like it, and I might ask her if she wants to trade a couple cubes for some of my other scents, just so I can get a chance to burn this one myself. I don’t really think I need to describe the smell of this one, but I will anyway. It smells like a sweet vanilla glaze. If you don’t have a sweet tooth already, you will when you smell this.


Count Wax-Ula
This was a scent that I wanted to get around Halloween but never got around to it until now. I just love the way this is decorated because I love all vampire related things. However, this one is my least favorite of the bundle. It’s not bad or anything, and I do like it. There are just other scents I like better. The smell of this one reminds me of a sweet cherry cola.


Campfire Marshmallow
This smells exactly like it sounds, and I am totally in love with this one. It’s the perfect blend of smoky firewood and marshmallow. I also love that it’s not too strong or disgustingly sweet. It’s perfect.


Christmas Tree
I really wanted a Christmas scent for the season, so out of all the holiday options, I chose this one. I’m in love with it! I don’t know how she gets her scents to be so perfect and realistic, but it’s amazing. This one literally smells just like a freshly cut Christmas tree!


Rain Drops
This is one of the scents that I was super curious about because I wasn’t sure how it would smell. When it rains, it’s such a unique smell that is almost impossible to imitate. I really do like the smell of this one, but it kind of reminds me more of taking a bath or shower than taking a walk in the rain. It has a very soapy smell to it. The description describes it as having the aroma of rain in an open field of flowers. I get that, but it still reminds me of soap. I do really like it though, and I would buy this one again.


Twigs & Berries
This is one that I was going to buy the first time I ordered from this shop, but I didn’t. I then regretted it and swore I would order it the next time, so I did. It is a combination of floral and berry scents. It reminds me of being out in nature and picking berries (which I used to do when I was a kid). I really like this one.


Celestial Angel
I admit, it was the design that drew me to this one. It is by far the prettiest wax melt I’ve ever seen! It’s so pretty that I almost don’t even want to break it apart. I wasn’t sure what to expect scent-wise, but it is truly spectacular. It’s really hard to describe because it’s a combination of different fragrances. It’s sweet and flowery and truly fits the name and design. I will most definitely order this one again.


Hippie Chick
This is one of the scents that I ordered the last time and it became my favorite, so I had to order it again. It’s a super cute tie dye design, and the smell is so relaxing to me. It reminds me of burning incense, except without the smoke.


Overall, another great bundle of smelly goodness. I look forward to trying out more scents in the future.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early: Wax Delivery

  1. How freaking cute that they were all individually wrapped! That must have been so fun opening them all, haha. My boyfriend’s mom gifted us a wax melter once but the smell of candles is already strong enough for me, the wax is so strong it would give me a headache so we didn’t bring it with us when we moved but gosh, are these adorable. I especially love how the doughnut one looks but the Celestial Angel sounds like it smells the best.

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  2. I honestly didn’t even know wax melts was a thing! But now I officially need one. I adore candles, but it makes me nervous to have the flame with my cat jumping all over the place. This is the perfect solution! And now I can blame you for the newfound addiction haha. Can’t wait to try it!

    Susie |

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    1. Haha Really? I got my wax burner for Christmas last year and haven’t looked back. I still have several (never before burned) candles that I need to use as well, but I just love the melts too much. They are safer and stronger, but I also find them to be more affordable as well. Some candles can be quite expensive.


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