It has been three months, but I finally did another oil pastel drawing tonight. I don’t think this is my greatest work of art, but I felt inspired to create something tonight. This is basically a metaphor for substance abuse. The poison bottle represents whatever substance the person chooses to abuse, whether it be drugs or alcohol. The swirls at the top and surrounding color is a metaphor for how it seeps out and affects your life and the people around you. I tried to use vibrant and alluring colors because that’s often how the substance appears to a person at first. Until it starts to take control of your life.


If you are suffering from addiction, please seek help. There are people who love and care about you, even if you feel like you’re alone.

36 thoughts on “Poison

  1. The colors are perfect. As someone who once struggled with drugs and alcohol, this definitely is a metaphor for how it all begins. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more of your art. You have a wonderful gift! ❀

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    1. Aww, thanks so much! πŸ’• I don’t think I’m that good at it, but it’s still fun. If I created something meaningful than that’s what matters. I’m glad the metaphor makes sense, and I’m glad you’re doing better.

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  2. This is a beautiful piece, Britney! I liked how the colors were able to blend in really well together. I also really like the message this piece is sending – we all have our own poison or addiction, and the moment we let it in to our lives, it really does affect us and those who love us.

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

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  3. You know what I love about this piece of art? Though you’re an introvert, you’re still able to convey your thoughts and feelings, just in a non-vocal manner. It truly blows me away at how talented you are, and that it’s still such a secret.

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