Mrs. Clause Cookies Bath Bomb


As featured in my Festive Bath Bombs for the Holiday Season post and mentioned in my Colorful Bath Haul post, I present to you some pictures and my thoughts on the Mrs. Clause Cookies bath bomb from Leebrick Candle Co.

While I was at work on Friday night, I kept thinking about how nice a hot, relaxing bath sounded. It was perfect timing because my package of bath bombs I had ordered was waiting for me when I got home.  I was so thrilled! With it being close to Christmas, I decided to use the Mrs. Clause Cookies one first. This was only the second bath bomb I’ve tried that was not from Lush. I was a little nervous about it after my last experience that was not very pleasant.


Based on the description, this bath bomb is supposed to smell like freshly baked sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. I do think it smelled a little like cookies, but the smell wasn’t exact. It still had a nice smell, but it wasn’t one of my favorite scents out of the ones I ordered.

After placing this bomb into the bathtub, it turns the water a beautiful shade of reddish-pink with swirls of white foam. This wasn’t as fun to watch as some other bath bombs I’ve used in the past because there wasn’t swirls of different colors coming out. This one is just one color (aside from the white foam I mentioned). Still, it left the water a really pretty color.


When I got into the water, it was so silky! It was such a luxurious feeling. It instantly softened my skin, and it was incredibly relaxing. Thankfully, unlike the last bath bomb I used, it left absolutely no messy residue on my skin or in my tub. I didn’t even have to rinse out the tub when I was done.

This bath bomb was $5.95, so it was cheaper than most of the bath bombs that Lush offers. However, the quality was completely on par with Lush. I was really quite impressed with how nice this bath bomb was. I would definitely purchase from this little company again. I still have three other bath bombs I ordered from them, so I can’t wait to try those ones as well.


23 thoughts on “Mrs. Clause Cookies Bath Bomb

  1. Glad you found something that’s just as good as Lush! I’ve not used a bath bomb since I was little, and they’ve definitely improved since then. I can’t believe how many there are to choose from now. It’s amazing!

    Glad you liked it!

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  2. Looks like a pretty bath bomb! I’ve still never tried any but it sounds like a great experience if you have the right product. By the way, I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I love your tattoos!

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