Mermaid Kisses Bath Bomb


I recently tried out the Mermaid Kisses bath bomb from Leebrick Candle Co. I just love supporting small businesses, and this one truly deserves praise. The last bath bomb I tried of theirs was the Mrs. Clause Cookies bomb, and it was amazing. You can see my post about it here. This bomb was just as wonderful. As I mentioned last time, these bath bombs are completely on par with Lush, and they’re slightly cheaper, which is even better. The scent of this one is hard to describe, but it’s heavenly. I guess I would say that it smells a little similar to candy. Like SweetTarts, perhaps. It turned my bath water a beautiful shade of blue, and it made for a really relaxing bath.


26 thoughts on “Mermaid Kisses Bath Bomb

  1. Looks amazing! Love the colour the bath turned, I can only imagine how good it smelt! I just checked the etsy store to see if they ship to NZ, which they don’t! I guess bath bombs would break if they shipped so far haha.

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    1. I would certainly buy this one again. I also have a Unicorn Berries bath bomb from this company that I will post about it once I use it. That one smells even better, and I have a feeling that one might be even better than this one. (Although they have similar colors). So we’ll see. These bombs are really great quality.

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