Ulta Haul: Skincare & Must-Haves


I did a little shopping at Ulta again. (It’s my favorite makeup store!) I was almost out of sheet masks and some of my must-haves that I use almost everyday, so I had to buy some more. Of course I couldn’t resist buying a few new products that I’ve never used before either. I just love trying out new products! Speaking of which, there are some goodies that I purchased but won’t be including in this post. I want to do a separate post (or two) on those, so I’ll be posting about those within a week or two.


First, let’s take a moment to just admire all this great packaging. I’ve always been in love with the cutesy design of the Tony Moly masks, and I almost didn’t want to throw away the boxes these serum/creams came in because they were so shiny and pretty.


These are the three new products I purchased. (In and out of the boxes). The It No. 50 Primer and No7 Protect & Perfect serum are both anti-aging products. I’m 29, so I’m not old by any means, but I have noticed changes in my skin from my early 20’s to now. Apparently, around age 25 is when you can start to see signs of aging. Even though I’m still very youthful for my age, I have noticed little things. My skin isn’t as smooth as it used to be, it’s losing a bit of its firmness, and I’ve started developing fine lines in certain places. I figured the best time to start using these products was now. To start with, I’ll probably only use these a few times a week as opposed to every day. I’ve used both of these so far, and while it’s too soon to see what results these might bring over time, I definitely do like the texture and how they feel on my skin. They both have a somewhat silky texture to them and absorb nicely into the skin without leaving any oily residue.

The Pacifica Dreamy Youth day and night cream was something that I bought on a whim because I usually like their products. I have their Wake Up Beautiful face mask, and I absolutely love it. I’ve only used this cream once so far, so it’s most definitely too soon to see any kind of results from it. However, my first impression of it isn’t the greatest. It smells okay (although the Wake Up Beautiful mask smells better), but I find it’s a little heavy feeling and also makes my skin feel a little greasy. I’ll probably stick with using this at night instead of during the day.


I used the Green Tea Hydrogel patches from Earth Therapeutics previously and really liked them. I didn’t notice any major results from the first use, but I began using these about twice a week, and I did start to notice the dark circles under my eyes were lessening. I decided to buy them again so I can continue using. I noticed they also had these Collagen patches, which were just slightly more money, so I got those too. Now that they’ve arrived, I see they are exactly the same as the Green Tea patches but with collagen included. They didn’t cost that much more, so I’ll probably just end up buying those in the future since collagen is great for the skin.


Who else loves sheet masks? I know I do! They always feel so refreshing on the skin, and they’re perfect for pamper nights when you’re having a relaxing night in. I’ve never tried these SOO AE masks before, so I have no thoughts on them yet. I’m eager to try them though. I’ve been using Tony Moly masks for some time now, and I love them. The only downside to them is they’re a bit big on my face, but it’s something I can deal with. I’ve tried many of their different masks, but I saw these three that I haven’t tried yet, so I knew I had to get them. I can’t wait to use them!


Without further ado, my must-haves that I use at least 5 days out of the week. I basically stopped using foundation quite a while ago and switched to BB cream instead. It still provides the right amount of coverage to even my skin tone, but it doesn’t have an overly heavy or greasy feeling. After I apply the BB cream, I put on the NYX No Filter Finishing powder. It adds a little extra coverage and also mattifies my skin.

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is a moisturizer I’ve been using for a little while now, and it is by far one of my all-time favorites. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers posting about this lately, and there’s a reason for that. It truly is amazing! Not to mention affordable. It absorbs into the skin super fast without leaving any nasty residue behind, and it works wonders for keeping your skin hydrated. Occasionally I will get dry batches on my face (usually caused by acne products I sometimes use), and this always clears it up right away.

If you have used any of these products, make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments.


45 thoughts on “Ulta Haul: Skincare & Must-Haves

    1. I really like the Biobelle masks too (because they fit my face better), but those cost a little more. The Tony Moly masks are just as effective. My skin always looks and feels refreshed afterwards. The Orange mask is probably my favorite so far, but I look forward to trying these new ones to see how I like them.

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      1. My skin is literally sensitive to a thousand things 😦 thanks for sharing though. I’m gonna see if I can get these here in Germany as well! x

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 They are BEAUTIFUL! I just know with those Siamese genes, they are going to be a handful but also super loving and affectionate. ❤ I followed.


  2. I’ve only been to Ulta once and they have so many neat beauty products there! Glad to see you treating yourself to some products :). Packaging is super important because that’s a big way to catching some customer interests. You look really young for 29 ;).

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about green tea. Helps your skin and body in so many ways! Great to hear that you’ve been experiencing good results. UGG sheet masks feel so good! Great way to keep your face moist.

    Enjoy your new haul!


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    1. I spend way too much money at Ulta, but I can’t help it. I prefer their stores over Sephora, personally. I definitely agree that packaging is always what catches my eye first.


      1. I really don’t like how they fit, they don’t stay on my face and I rather just put a mask on and not worry about it falling off. I also use face masks mostly for breakouts, so they don’t do much for my skin.

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      2. Gotcha! The Biobelle sheet masks fit really well on my face, but the Tony Moly masks are quite big. They don’t fall off though. Of course I usually lay back when I have them on anyway.

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  3. The Tony Moly sheet masks are so cute. I hope you like the SOO AE ones! I’ve been wanting to get into using face masks.
    I also have dark circles under my eyes, I’ll have to try those under-eye patches!

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    1. My dark circles aren’t too bad, but they’re still noticeable if I don’t cover them up with concealer. I often wonder why I have them because I usually get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. I do wish they sold these eye patches in bigger packs. You get 5 in a pack, which doesn’t last that long if you use two a week.

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      1. Really?! OH NO. Lol…I think the makeup I use covers it up but darkens my skin too though. 😛 I feel like my under-eyes aren’t so dark if I don’t wear any makeup for a few days.


  4. Love this post and love your pictures. You sold me on the sheet masks!!!! I’m thinking about switching to B.B. cream. I’ve never found one with great coverage but now my skin is so oily, I just can’t use the full coverage ones I’ve been using x

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    1. I feel like my skin broke out less after I stopped using foundation and switched to BB cream. It’s not full coverage, but it still helps to even my skin tone. Plus, I put the finishing powder over top which provides a little extra coverage, and it ends up being enough for me.

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      1. I’m going to try to do that then. I don’t need full coverage I live in Florida so it’s too hot. My skin breaks out with the foundations too!!!

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    1. There are two stores around here that basically compete with each other, and that’s Ulta and Sephora. Both are makeup/beauty stores, but I’ve personally always preferred Ulta.


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