Fast Food Thoughts & What I Order

I saw this on another blog quite a while ago, and I thought it sounded like a fun post to do. I rarely ever eat at fast food places anymore, but I do like to go to them sometimes. Here are some of the places I go to occasionally and what my favorite things to order are.

I usually always order a Big Mac with fries or the 20 piece Chicken McNuggets (with Buffalo and BBQ sauce). Nothing else can replicate the taste of delicious McNuggets. Unfortunately, they started making my stomach queasy when I would eat them, so I usually opt for the Big Mac now instead because that doesn’t really bother me. I still like to indulge in the McNuggets sometimes though.

Burger King
BK is nowhere near as good as McDonald’s, in my opinion. However, I will stop here occasionally. I do like their fries, so I usually order some of those along with a Rodeo Burger. If not that, then I like to get the Chicken Fries. However, the last time I got them they were really dry and overcooked. I also like that BK has onion rings, something McDonald’s doesn’t have, so I sometimes get those as well. Although I’ve definitely had better.

Taco Bell
My order is really simple when it comes to Taco Bell. I usually always just order several of the crunchy tacos. They’re my go-to, and it also reminds me of my childhood when my dad would come over and play card and board games with me and watch movies, and he would buy one of those big 12-pack taco boxes for us. Sometimes I also like to get the chicken quesadilla, which I really like.

My order here is always the same. I get the burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, chicken, a combo of mild and medium salsa, cheese, and lettuce. I personally find Chipotle’s food a lot more flavorful than Taco Bell, however the one in my town is completely out of my way, and it also closes before I get off work, so I don’t get to go that often.

I personally find their subs to be highly overrated. However, other than Sheetz, they’re the only sub place open when I get off work. I usually get either the Spicy Italian or the Steak and Cheese on Italian bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. I think their subs are overpriced for what you get though, and they really need to do something about the mediocre bread. The steak is pretty bland, so when I get that I have to also spice it up with sriracha sauce or jalapeΓ±os to give it a little zest and flavor. If I had another option after work, I would go there. Unfortunately, when you work 2nd shift, many places are closed when you’re off the clock and ready to chow down.

For a chain sub shop, I actually find their subs to be really delicious. We have one right across from where I work, so I will occasionally go over and get something. Although, I really don’t like to eat when I’m at work because of my stomach issues. When I do visit, I love to get the Classic Italian sub. I love the meat they use on their Italian’s, and the dressing is delicious. I sometimes get the Spicy Monterey, which I also enjoy. I also love their bread, unlike Subway’s.


Jersey Mike’s
I actually feel a little weird including Jersey Mike’s on this list because it almost doesn’t even feel like a chain or fast food place. The food here is really terrific. The ingredients are decent quality, and they even slice the meat right in front of you. I love to get the Italian (Mike’s Way – with oil and vinegar and oregano). I also really like the Big Kahuna (which is a steak and cheese with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and jalapeΓ±os). Their subs are full of flavor and always taste fresh. They’re a little pricey, but their food is worth it.

This is a regional place here on the east coast. We have a multitude of these here in my town. It’s a gas station, but it’s also fast food. You go in and order what you want on touch screens, pay, and then they call your number. I definitely think they overprice a lot of their menu items. Everything is pretty mediocre and typical fast food quality, but they’re practically charging restaurant prices on some of their items. Their subs seem to be a pretty big hit, but I’m honestly not a fan of them. One thing I absolutely love here, though, is their hot dogs. They’re cheap, and you can order certain recipes or customize them however you like. I like my hot dogs many different ways, so I usually switch it up. Their Firehouse Dogs are my favorite though. They are hot dogs in a pretzel bun, and they have pepper jack cheese, sour cream, habanero sauce, onions, and pico de gallo. I also really like their fried appetizers. Particularly the mozzarella sticks and fried pickles.

66 thoughts on “Fast Food Thoughts & What I Order

  1. Wow. Love this blog post! So where to begin?! I LOVE your two McDonald’s choices. Those are my favorites as well. I was at McDonald’s the other day, I went with the 20 piece McNuggets. I’ve had Nuggets from BK, Wendy’s, and nobody makes them like McD’s. I always go sweet & sort on the sauce though!

    Burger King I always get their nuggets (even though as I said, not as good as McD’s) their chicken fries, and of course I always go large fries with the nuggets or chicken fries.

    Taco Bell, I probably always do the grilled Stuft burrito. I prefer Del Taco, but I doubt you have that where you are.

    Chipotle was my favorite place of all time, until about last year. I fell in love with Cafe Rio, they’re just like Chipotle, but better. I wish we had Qdoba here, so I could try them on. Chipotle I always do the steak burrito or bol, but for Cafe Rio, I always do the bowl. And get the sweet pork barbacoa. AMAZING. Subway, I always get the pastrami IF the location carries it. Not many do. If not, then steak and cheese always.

    Quiznos, I grew-up with. Philly Cheesesteak was my choice, I LOVED the sauce, but they’ve closed almost all locations near me. So I haven’t had them in years.

    I was hoping you’d add Jersey Mike’s. I tried Jimmy John’s but it was boring and lacked flavor. Then I discovered Jersey Mike’s, which they have a bunch near me now. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS go Big Kahuna! Also you should sign-up for their club. You get a coupon for a free regular sub and drink on your birthday, good for an entire year till next year’s birthday! I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and already got my Big Kahuna. I love how much meat they pack in it, and that it’s always still so warm. Subway toasts their subs, but it never stays warm.

    As for Sheetz, you know I’ve had this discussion with you. I’d love to try them if they ever come out west.

    So after reading your entire blog, I think we’d at least never complain about liking different foods LOL. We’re probably the same when it comes to these fast food items.

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    1. Nope, no Del Taco here. We had Cafe Rio here for a hot minute and then it closed. I ate there once and didn’t like it. I thought Chipotle was a lot better. lol


      1. Well I hope I can get you to eat/try them again! It also depends what you order I suppose. I always get the salad of theirs. The burrito doesn’t seem as worthwhile. But again, it also depends on the meat you’d pick. Like I said, I love their sweet pork barbacoa which nobody else carries. It’s different the the standard carnitas that Chipotle and other Mexican places have.

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    2. I’ve never been to Cafe Rio, but I find Chipotle way better than Qdoba! Everybody else I’ve come in contact with disagrees though. Ha! Chipotle is also comparable to Moe’s and Pancheros, but, again, I favor Chipotle over the two.

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      1. I’ve only ever had Qdoba once, I didn’t like it, especially compared to Chipotle. But I figured one time wasn’t enough to justify whether or not I liked them.


  2. I don’t have McDonalds as much as Burger King and I personally prefer Burger King. Their Rodeo burgers are my absolute faves! I’ve never seen this type of post before, it was really cool to read πŸ™‚

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  3. I make the sign of the Cross against evil when passing fast food joints. My doctor is on my case about my A1C levels and I have a lot of weight to lose, so on the rare occasions my family drags me into a place like that, I look at menu in damage control mode.

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  4. I’m counting down the days until they release Vegan options in Burger king, McDonalds and Subway πŸ˜€ A lot of your favourites used to be my favourites! πŸ˜€ I stopped having it all for about a month at one point though and then when I had it after that month it made me feel so crap. Hardly ever have it now. Mostly because there’s nothing for me to eat lol

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  5. What a fun post, Britney!! Do they have Potbelly’s where you are? I noticed you like sub sandwiches and I think they have the best. I’ve never been to Jersey Mike’s but they sound amazing with cutting the meat right in front of you! I don’t see that many around but I’m sure we have one somewhere!

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  6. All the Big Fast Food outfits were a part of my youth, and of my son’s childhood. Now, I like Sheetz, when I’m back East. We have Quik Trip and Maverik, out West, but I think Sheetz is better than either of them. In n’ Out Burger,from SoCal, is the best fast food chain out this way.

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  7. My Go To’s:
    McDonalds: McDouble (or McDoobie, as we would say) or McNuggets with Honey mustard or BBQ (whatever I’m craving). For Breakfast, I like the Big Breakfast, Sausage Egg McMuffin, Sausage Burrito (both which are served on the all day breakfast menu), and Hash brown.
    Burger King: Classic Chicken Sandwich and Onion rings with zesty sauce. The Chicken Parmesan sandwich (which is seasonal) is pretty awesome too.
    Taco Bell: Soft Taco, Mexi Melt, the Mexican Pizza, Nachos Bel Grande, or just plain nachos and cheese. Did you hear they have Nacho fries now?
    Chipotle: Barbacoa soft tacos with extra cheese and tomatoes.
    Subway: Steak and cheese or ham and cheese.
    Quiznos: Roast beef sub (last time I ate there, I got food poisoning so I haven’t gone back in years).
    I’ve never had Jersey Mikes, so I’ll tell you another one of my favorite fast food restaurants:
    ARBYS: Classic Roast beef, mozzarella sticks, and curly fries. πŸ˜›

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  8. Is it bad that I’ll order the quarter pounder with cheese meal AND 9 chicken nuggets as like a side? LOL. I am so greedy. I love McDonalds, though. It’s my weakness.

    Definitely love BK’s chicken fries, but that’s about the only thing I like from there!

    I think we have a Taco Bell in the UK, but it’s so far away from where I live so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. We do have loads of Chipotle, though. I don’t go there often because I think it’s overpriced over here and I can get cheaper, more delicious Mexican food elsewhere. BUT I do like their tacos πŸ˜‰

    You can’t go wrong with Subway, tbh! We don’t have the other places you mentioned over here but omg, Sheetz looks so yummy. I need to try it!

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  9. I don’t eat fast food anymore because it doesn’t settle on my stomach very well anymore. That and it’s just really bad for you LOL. BUT, I do looove Jersey Mikey’s subs, they’re delicious, and we started going there much more often than Subway, their subs are simply much more delicious to me than subway, and I used to like subway, a LOT. It makes me really freaking sad that quiznos is closing EVERYWHERE all over my state. I have to travel across statelines to get some if I want to but it’s not really nearby and during rush hour it’s even worse 😦 lucky you still have them near you lol. I would eat quiznos over any other sub place any day of the week lol. but I’ll settle for Jersey Mike’s for now πŸ˜€
    I haven’t gone to taco bell in a while but I usually get their crunch wrap, it’s good too. And you’re right, taco bell isn’t as nearly as delicious as chipotle, chipotle wins by a long shot. I usually order the sofritas from chipotle, you should try them, they’re really good (and also vegan). I made sofritas at home last week and I got pretty darn close to the real thing πŸ™‚

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  10. This was really entertaining to read! I almost always order the same things too from fast food chains. Also, you still have Quiznos?! I LOVE QUIZNOS but unfortunately, all the ones near me have closed 😦 Jersey Mikes is my next favorite sandwich shop. I enjoy a good Subway sub every now and then but it’s not the best.

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

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  11. All great choices. Though I don’t eat at Taco Bell anymore. A friend of mine who got a job their says their meat comes in a bucket in a dry form. Like small dry pellets. They add water to it and then just heat it up. No thanks.

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    1. Sheetz originated in Pennsylvania, but they also have locations here in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. They’re really popular around here, so I’m surprised they haven’t branched out more.


    1. I remember one time I went to Subway and ordered a Spicy Italian sub. I got home and went to eat it, and I kept smelling something fishy. I wasn’t sure what it was. Then I bit into my sub and almost threw up. Somehow, the tiniest bit of tuna must have gotten mixed into my sub somehow and completely tainted my sub. I cannot stand the smell or taste of tuna, so I had to throw the whole sub away.


    1. My town is run up with these chains now. They’re good on occasion, but it’s actually overrated. I would rather my town have more local family owned food places. Unfortunately, we only have a few good ones here, so I usually have to settle for the chains. But I do admit they’re a guilty pleasure from time to time.

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    1. We do not have Qdoba here. In fact, I’ve never heard of it before. We do have Jimmy Johns. I haven’t actually been to one, but the company I work for had some of their subs delivered to us before, and I liked it. I just thought it was a little plain (because I prefer all the works), but it was still good. I liked the bread they used for their subs as it’s nice and soft and fresh tasting.


    1. Cool, I’ll check it out. I’ve never been to Wawa before. I’m surprised Sheetz doesn’t have chicken nuggets. I know they have tenders and popcorn chicken, but sometimes I just want nuggets. I guess that’s what McDonald’s is for. πŸ˜‹


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