A Ranking of the Chucky Films


There are now a total of seven films including Chucky, the killer doll. Anyone who knows me should know that Chucky is my favorite horror villain. The first Child’s Play film came out the year I was born, and I so I grew up watching these movies as a kid. I thought it would be fun to give my opinion on each film and rank them in order from most to least favorite.


1.) Bride of Chucky
This is the fourth movie in the franchise, and the first to lose the Child’s Play title. It’s also the first to introduce a new character, Tiffany, to the mix. The first three Child’s Play movies focused on Chucky trying to get to Andy, but this was a fresh new storyline that I think the series needed so it wouldn’t become too played out. I absolutely love the introduction of Tiffany, who was perfectly voiced and played by Jennifer Tilly. These two characters have great chemistry, and it’s incredibly fun watching them together. I also love how this film is more from the dolls perspective, which provides some fun humor to the series. Even with the comedic aspect, it still maintains that dark and serious tone of horror movies, so it’s well balanced. It’s also a bit of an homage to Bride of Frankenstein, which is pretty cool.

Memorable moments: The opening sequence of Tiffany stitching Chucky back together while “Living Dead Girl” plays, The “Hellraiser” death scene, and Chucky and Tiffany getting it on.


2.) Child’s Play 2
It’s usually rare that sequels are better than the original, but this one is. It still has that creepy and suspenseful tone like the first movie, but Chucky is even more vicious in this one. Kyle, played by Christine Elise, is also a great new addition to this film. Her scenes with Andy (Alex Vincent) are nice because the two of them work well together. I also like the addition of the Tommy doll, even though that one is not possessed. I remember watching this as a kid and thinking how creepy that was because Chucky could easily pass himself off as Tommy. This movie also has one of the best sets and climaxes in the whole franchise, a Good Guy doll toy factory.

Memorable moments: “How’s it hanging, Phil?”, Chucky burying the Tommy doll while laughing hysterically, and Chucky ripping his hand off in the toy factory.


3.) Child’s Play
The first movie was a great introduction to the series, and without its success, we wouldn’t have all the other movies. However, this film is much more like a suspense thriller than a slasher. It’s relatively slow to first reveal Chucky’s true identity, although it does throw hints. This film does a great job of explaining how the doll is alive and giving Chucky some substance. It also keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Memorable moments: Charles Lee Ray transferring his soul into the Good Guy doll, Chucky revealing himself as Andy’s mom is about to toss him in the fire.


4.) Child’s Play 3
This movie was a bit rushed, coming out less than a year after the second film. I think it could have been better if they took more time on it. Still, I find this to be a very enjoyable film. The things I don’t like is that they suddenly made Andy a teenager, which doesn’t really fit the timeline at all. Since they did that, they had a different actor playing the character. They also had Chucky start to go after a new kid, Tyler, who is not my favorite character. Even after Chucky reveals himself to Tyler, he still treats Chucky like a best friend and tries to play games with him. Though it is fun seeing Chucky become peeved with him. I also don’t really care for the setting of this one, which was a military school. There are some great kills and more Chucky one-liners in this one though. I do like the climax taking place at a carnival though. I feel like they should have utilized that location more.

Memorable moments: “Don’t fuck with the Chuck”, Chucky jumping out of the Good Guy box to reveal himself to Tyler, Chucky replacing blanks with real bullets causing the military students to shoot each other.


5.) Cult of Chucky
I didn’t have high hopes going into this film, but I ended up enjoying this installment. One thing I can say about the Chucky franchise is that it never seems to grow dull because each movie offers something a little different. This is the most unique movie in the series, in my opinion. It takes place in a mental asylum, and it sort of messes with your head because you don’t know at first if the patients are just crazy or if what they’re seeing is real. Your mind starts spinning even more when more than one Chucky doll is introduced. Although the film starts to get a little silly and over the top toward the end, it’s still a good movie in the series. I also love how it’s shot with a lot of bright light and pale colors, which makes Chucky and the blood really pop and stand out. One thing I didn’t like was that the dolls just don’t look as good as the other films. I understand that they didn’t have a huge budget, but it’s still saying something that the doll in the first movie looked a lot better, and that one was made in the 80’s.

Memorable moments: Chucky’s conversation with the mental patient, “Nica” and Tiffany kissing, a cameo by Kyle (from the second movie – played by Christine Elise).


6.) Curse of Chucky
This film was trying to leave the humor behind and be a little more suspenseful, like the original. It even had Chucky revealing himself to a little kid, just like he did Andy. However, I don’t think it worked as well with this movie, since we’ve already been down that road, and we know who Chucky is and what he’s capable of. There is a particular scene where Chucky puts rat poison in one of the bowls of chili that is to be served for dinner. Then there’s a lot of moving around, so you’re left wondering who is going to ingest the poisoned food. If you look closely, you can actually figure out who the unlucky one is before they ingest it. I thought that was a pretty fun scene.

Memorable moments: The dinner scene (mentioned above), Chucky peeling off latex to reveal his hidden scars, “Chucky, I’m scared”. “You fucking should be.”, a cameo by Andy (Alex Vincent).


7.) Seed of Chucky
This movie is so over the top and ridiculous, which is why it’s ranked last on my list. They were going the full comedy route in this one, and while I appreciate what they were trying to do with basically spoofing their own movies, it was just a bit much at times. Particularly with the character of Glen/Glenda, who they couldn’t make up their mind if the character was a boy or girl. I don’t like the look or the voice of the Glen/Glenda doll, which I feel ruins the film for me a bit. There are some funny and great scenes in this one though.

Memorable moments: Chucky running Britney Spears off the road, Chucky masturbating to Fangoria magazine while John Waters takes photos outside.


14 thoughts on “A Ranking of the Chucky Films

  1. I looooove Bride of Chucky and the second one, by far my favorites out of the whole series. I agree, the newest one was actually pretty good! Much better than I originally expected from “another” Chucky movie.

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  2. I’ve never seen any of the Chucky films, because I always thought they’d be too scary for me. They sound really interesting though and he definitely sounds like a memorable character!

    I hate it when they change films so much. Especially when they make it really silly!

    – Amy (mamyology.com)

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  3. Love this post, Britney!!! You wrote your thoughts out so well. I haven’t seen all of them (yet) but I remember Bride of Chucky the most–I loved it!

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