Sparimo Unboxing: Bath and Body Goodies


I received this box of goodies from Sparimo for free to try out. Sparimo is a monthly subscription box offered to U.S. residents that includes different products, such as bath bombs, lotions, scrubs, soaps, bath salts, and bubble bars. I was really excited that I was picked to try out these products. As most of you know, I’m a bit obsessed with bath items.

The box that I received came with five products. However, if you subscribe, you actually get seven products for $37.95. Each box will come with three bath bombs, two bars of soap, and two products of your liking (that are not bath bombs or soaps, such as lotions, bubble bars, etc). One of the great things about Sparimo is that even if you choose not to subscribe, they still offer items in their shop that you can buy outright.

Now let’s have a look at what I received.


I’m not really a big fan of bar soaps, so I haven’t used this yet. I prefer whipped or liquid soaps, but I’m sure I’ll use this eventually. It does seem to be nice quality, and I love the color and marbled effect of it. It also smells very good. It doesn’t have a very feminine scent, so it would be good for both genders.


These are the two bath bombs I received. Look how gorgeous they are! They smell amazing too. I think the Purple Paradise one is the prettiest. I just love that shade of purple with the gold mixed in. I can’t wait to try it! I actually used the Blood Bath bomb last night, and I really enjoyed it. I love the name as well! (I’m a horror fan, so of course I do). I’ll go into more detail about that one and post photos in an upcoming post.


Love Fusion is a body lotion, and I have to say I’m quite impressed with it. I love how it smells, and it suits the name. It smells like a cross between flowers and candy. It does leave behind a slightly greasy residue, which I’m not a huge fan of, but it does make my skin feel very soft. I actually prefer this to lotions I’ve used from Bath and Body Works because it softens my skin a lot better. I also like that it’s a nice texture and isn’t too thick.


Last but not least, the bubble scoop. It’s a little hard to see exactly how it looks with the wrapping on it, but it’s made to look like a scoop of ice cream, which I thought was cute. It works the same as bubble bars. You just tear a little bit off and put it in the bath while the water is running. Then it creates lovely bubbles. I was disappointed it didn’t give my water a pink tint though. It was just like using ordinary bubble bath. It has a nice smell, though not very strong.

Overall, I’ve really been enjoying most of these products. Would I sign up for the monthly subscription? Probably not, simply because I don’t have almost $40 a month to spare, and I also don’t care for bar soaps (which are included in every box). I think if they added the option of receiving whipped soaps instead, that would be awesome. I can see myself buying from their shop though because I do like the products that I’ve used.

27 thoughts on “Sparimo Unboxing: Bath and Body Goodies

  1. How awesome that you were able to try this box for free! Their products look super nice & well-made! I do agree it’s a bit expensive, though. Can’t wait to see how that bath bomb looked!!!

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    1. I haven’t decided if I’m going to put the bath bomb post up first or my February Glam Bag post. Probably the latter, but I’ll have the bath bomb post up in like a week, probably. I can’t wait to try the purple one too.

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  2. It’s great that they sent you these products to review! You must have been so happy when you got them!

    I love subscription boxes. It’s always nice to get surprises in the post, and they’re so much fun to open. These bath products look fantastic as well, it’s just a shame they can’t do them without the bar soap. Glad you liked the bath bombs though! They look so pretty!

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    1. Bar soap is so 90’s. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m really loving whipped soaps these days. Everything else is really fun though. I would love getting bath bombs each month.


  3. Great post! I keep seeing subscription boxes around the internet but just havenโ€™t taken the plunge to subscribe. I find they are pretty to look at but I wouldnโ€™t use most of the products in them and that makes it expensive. Confession, Iโ€™ve never used a bathbomb…๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ itโ€™s the cleaning afterward that puts me off hahahah Iโ€™m assuming there is cleaning after if it colours the water and stuff?? / Anna x

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    1. It depends on the bath bomb. If you’re using one that has a lot of glitter in it, you usually have to rinse the tub afterwards to get the glitter down the drain. Usually though, I don’t have to clean anything up afterwards. The color doesn’t stain or anything.

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