February Glam Bag


I’m a little late getting this post up. It’s already March! I’ve been quite stressed out at work this week, and as soon as I get home I just feel like crashing. That’s what I almost did tonight too, but I had to muster up the motivation to get this up so that I don’t stray too far off schedule.

The bag:
The design this month has a classy and elegant feel to it, though it’s not one of my favorites. I don’t dislike it either, I’m just sort of indifferent to it. I don’t really use the bags though. I just kind of hoard them.


IT Cosmetics: Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer
I don’t really use concealer much, especially under the eyes. Usually because I’m strapped for time when getting ready for work, so it’s a step that I don’t really feel is necessary in my routine. I like IT cosmetics though, so I was still excited to try this. I thought the coverage was great, but I was not a fan of the texture at all. It was thick and very hard to blend. You kind of just have to dab it a lot to try to spread and blend it.

Mellow Cosmetics: Liquid Eyeliner
I have not even used this once, so I can’t really say my thoughts on the product itself. I rarely ever use liquid liner because I just prefer pencil liners. I’ve told Ipsy to stop sending them to me, but they still do anyways.

Naked Cosmetics: Vanilla Creme Lip Scrub
This is my favorite product that I got this month. I’ve gotten some previous Naked Cosmetics items in my glam bags and liked them, and this was no exception. This is the first time I got a lip scrub in any of my glam bags, so I was extra excited about that because I love lip scrubs. Unfortunately, this scrub is more balmy and really doesn’t exfoliate well at all. However, it leaves my lips feeling wonderfully soft. Even softer than other scrubs I’ve used. I like to use a different sugar scrub on my lips to start with, so I can get all the gunk and dry skin off. Then I put some of this scrub on. It also has a wonderful vanilla cupcake smell.

Luna: Highlighter in shade Electra
I really like the shade of this highlighter. It’s not super pigmented though, so it works better if you’re just going for a subtle highlight as opposed to a more dramatic highlight.

Klorane: Dry Shampoo
I feel like the only person in the world who just isn’t crazy about using dry shampoo. I wash my hair every other day, though on the days I don’t wash, my roots have already begun to get quite oily. I’ve tried several brands of dry shampoo (including Batiste and Not Your Mother’s), but I was never impressed. I didn’t have high hopes using this dry shampoo either, but I will say that this is probably the best one I’ve used. It did help make my hair look less oily without making my hair feel disgusting (which others have). It does leave some white powder in my hair, but it’s easy blended in with my fingers. If I ever do decide to use dry shampoo again in the future, I will look for this brand.

21 thoughts on “February Glam Bag

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that dry shampoo. I have problems with others making my scalp drier and itchier. I might have to give it a go!

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  2. Great post dear! I actually used to use this Klorane Dry Shampoo but I find it too expensive for the results, I like the Batiste one better! I have really oily hair but what I do to control the oil is I don’t take my shower everyday, your hair will look gross at first but trust me, it’s worth it, your hair will stop getting oily fast!

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  3. The vanilla lip scrub sounds yummy! The highlighter looks like a nice everyday shade. I’m not fussed about dry shampoo either, I’ve never used it and I prefer to wash my hair every second or third day 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh… they really do keep sending you the liquid liners! I got that same as you but everything else in our bag was totally different!
    I remember you saying you’d love to receive a lip scrub in one of your comments to me. I was excited for you when I saw one in the first photo haha, glad you liked it!!!

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  5. I love that the bag looks different than the traditional beauty bags. The lace makes a big difference! Haha, I am the same when it comes to Clinique beauty bags.

    Glad to hear that your haul for the month was overall good. I’m not crazy about dry shampoo either.


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    1. The bag definitely has a sort of vintage vibe to it. I already know what the March bag looks like, and it’s probably one of the funnest ones yet. I don’t know what I’m getting inside yet though.


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