Fast Food & What I Will Not Order

When I did my Fast Food Thoughts & What I Order post, I never imagined it would be one of my most popular blog posts so far. It was just something quick and fun I did, but I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I thought I would do a little spinoff and post items from the same fast food places that you would likely never find me ordering.


Hotcakes & McGriddles
I do like pancakes, but I can only eat a small portion or else they make me really nauseous. There would be no point in me ordering hotcakes, in which you get several, when I wouldn’t be able to eat more than one. McGriddles are somewhat okay, but you wouldn’t find me ordering any because I will always opt for the McMuffin instead.


Burger King
Morningstar Veggie Burger
I have never had a veggie burger, but honestly the thought just grosses me out a little. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, please don’t get offended. I really love vegetables, but I would rather not have them in the form of a patty. If I want a burger, I’ll just eat a hamburger.


Taco Bell
Cheesy Rollup & Doritos Locos Tacos
The cheesy rollups are just too plain for my liking, so I will probably never order one. I think the Doritos Locos tacos are overrated and they cost more than the regular tacos without tasting that much different.


Their burritos are huge! I probably wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing. I’ve got nothing against burritos, but I’ll probably never order one here. I would really prefer just getting a burrito bowl, and that’s what I always order.


Tuna & Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
I absolutely despise tuna! One time I got an Italian sub here, and somehow some tuna got mixed in. It tainted the whole sub! I had to throw it away because after the first bite I almost threw up. I tried the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki previously and just did not like it all.


I have actually never had lobster before, so I’m not sure if I like it or not. Either way, I would rather not order any type of seafood at a chain sub shop.


Jersey Mike’s
Tuna & Meatball and Cheese
As I mentioned above, tuna is gross. I love meatballs, but I don’t really care for them on subs. The meatballs tend to fall off and the sauce makes the bread slightly soggy. I’ll stick to eating meatballs in pasta instead.


Fruity Nutty Chicken Salad & Mac N’ Cheese
I’ve had their macaroni & cheese before and just did not really like it. It reminded me of boxed macaroni and cheese with tons of watered down cheese on it. I wouldn’t order it again. The fruity nutty chicken salad is lettuce and chicken with nuts, apples, raisins, and cranberries. I don’t like nuts or fruit in my salad, and I hate raisins.

Are there any particular items you won’t order when eating fast food? Let me know in the comments.

25 thoughts on “Fast Food & What I Will Not Order

  1. Oooooh you’re missing out with the MorningStar veggie patties haha I’ve never had them fast food, but I’ve bought the packs from the grocery store. They’re really good with hummus, avocado, or even salsa! I like to dice them up to add to my salad or even in a wrap (:

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  2. We don’t have either of those menu items in our store (McD’s) so menu items must be country-based instead of international (minus, you know, Big Mac etc.)… we also don’t have most of the restaurants you’ve listed but when it comes to Maccies, the one item I just can’t stomach is the Vegetable Deluxe. People swear it tastes amazing but the texture is wrong, the smell is rancid and I just… ugh, no!

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  3. I will never ever get anything from McDonald’s lol. I haven’t in like a decade or more, no joke, and last year I stopped buying stuff from Burger King altogether as well lol. And of my gosh, chipotle is my fave. I totally understand about the burritos, they’re really huge and also the tortillas is pretty fucking delicate so it always falls apart. I’m a huge fan of the bowl and will get it every single time haha

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    1. Yes, the bowl is just so much easier to eat. I love McDonald’s nuggets & something about their burgers is just really comforting to me. 😂 I think it’s a nostalgia thing.

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  4. I seldom, i fever, go to a national chain shop, for anything. Occasionally, Chipotle will host a fundraiser for something or another. I will get a monster burrito, but then cut it in half and make 2 meals. I am okay with tuna, but I prefer to fix it myself, without a ton of mayo. I do get some things from Sheetz, when in their part of the country. The rest, though, no thanks.

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  5. Awww I love the Doritos Locos Tacos, tuna, and I LOVE fruits and nuts in my salad! Lol. I agree about the mcmuffin over the mcgriddle though and those cheesy rollups from taco bell! I’d also never order a burrito from Chipotle!

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  6. Hahaha I had no idea Burger King had a veggie burger. While I do love a good veggie burger, I think it’s a solid call to never order one from there! But… Chipotle is my FAVORITE. Oh my gosh, I can put down one of those burritos without thinking twice. I mean… I might be asleep for a couple hours afterwards, but totally worth it :).

    Susie |

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