March Glam Bag


The bag:
What a cool idea for a bag this month! You all know I am a creative/artsy type, so this is perfect. It comes with markers so you can color it! I haven’t colored mine yet because I want to use more than just the two colors they provided me with, but I probably will eventually.


Royal & Langnickel: Prismatic Ombre Fan Brush
This brush is very pretty. I absolutely love the colors! Blue and purple are two of my favorites. However, I do not use fan brushes, so this will never get used. I wish it had been a different kind of brush instead.


VENeffect: Pore Minimizing Cleanser
This is a decent cleanser, but nothing about it really stands out. It has an okay smell, but it doesn’t foam up very much. It still removes makeup residue pretty well, though not as well as the main cleanser I’ve been using. It does seem to help minimize pores, but that only lasts temporarily.


Tarte: Sex Kitten Eyeliner
Yet another eyeliner. I was so aggravated when I saw that I would be receiving another one because I’ve been getting black eyeliner every single month. I contacted Ipsy Care though, and they said they would temporarily stop sending me eyeliners. As for this one, it’s okay. Nothing about it is better than any other eyeliner I’ve used. It also doesn’t glide on as smooth as some eyeliners do.


Steve Laurant: Lip Oil (shade Orchid)
I am not too crazy about lip gloss. I prefer lipsticks/creams. Although this gloss is supposed to have a purple tint, when I put it on it just looks clear. It’s not really my cup of tea. I will probably occasionally wear it over top of lipstick when I’m in the mood though. I will say that it’s not sticky like some glosses are, so that’s a plus.


Goldfaden MD: Facial Detox Mask
I’m not really sure what to think of this mask yet. It does not smell good at all. In fact, it smells like Vicks Vapor Rub, and when you put it on, it kind of feels like you’re putting ointment all over your face. It is supposed to help with acne though, and it has salicylic acid in it, which works good for getting rid of pimples. I will have to keep using it to see if it really helps with that over time.


I’m not too happy with the items that I received this month. I really hope I enjoy April’s bag a lot better. I did just redeem some of my points, so I will be getting a free bonus item next month that I look forward to trying.

16 thoughts on “March Glam Bag

  1. This box doesn’t sound all that impressive to be honest. While I’m a dedicated lover of eyeliner, getting a new one EVERY MONTH is really excessive for a box that’s meant to introduce you to new products xx

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  2. Such a fun idea with the bag! That’s a bummer that you didn’t like the items they sent though. I honestly had to cancel my Birchbox for the same reasons. After a while, it felt like they were just sending the same types of things over and over, and most of them I didn’t like. Fingers crossed that the next one is better!

    Susie |

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  3. This was kind of my issue too with glam bags. I used to enjoy getting them, but then it seemed like I had an influx of stuff. Plus the cruelty free and vegan ones are so much more spendy. Definitely use those points up though!

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  4. Love the vibe from your makeup bag! It’s screaming woman empowerment! 🙂 I love how ombre is popping these days! The fade is so pretty! Glad the cleanser works!

    Oh man, even though you have a lot of eyeliners, at least this is a promising product! Hope you will receive better items in April :).

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  5. That’s too bad that most of the products were meh, but did you know that you can skip a month of pause your subscription if you don’t like what you’re going to receive? I’m going to cancel mine since I’m redeeming my points this month but I’m done. My boxycharm is the one I’m looking forward to the most each month lmao

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    1. I totally forgot you could do that! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 Although they bill my account on the 1st, and I don’t find out what I get until the 5th or 6th, so if I don’t like what I’m getting, I think it’s too late to pause by that point. However, I might have to pause it for a month sometime soon just to save a little extra money.

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