Makeup Look: Pastel Odyssey


Pastel looks are so much fun, and it’s the perfect time for one! It’s Easter, it’s Spring, and my once vibrant hair has also faded into a more pastel rose color. I love trying to get a little creative and use colors that I wouldn’t normally use in an everyday makeup look. Overall, I’m quite happy with this look. I really love how the colors just seem to blend really well together.

Products used:
πŸ‘½ Mannakadar Blush (shade Paradise)
πŸ‘½ ColourPop highlighter (shade Honeymoon)
πŸ‘½ Lime Crime lipstick (shade Airborne Unicorn)
πŸ‘½ Loose Glitter
πŸ‘½ Shany 120 color eyeshadow palette
πŸ‘½ Shany gel eyeliner (shade Supernatural)
πŸ‘½ NYX retractable white eyeliner
πŸ‘½ Grande Cosmetics Mascara Primer (white)


34 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Pastel Odyssey

  1. I love this look. You always put so much time and effort into your make up. I’m so envious. I know it’s taken a lot of practice. My hands are so shaky and it never comes out the way that I want, so needless to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve worn any make-up. I guess that I’m just kind of low maintenance (and lazy). LOL.

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