Turning the Page To A New Chapter


I’ve got some big news! It’s part of why I haven’t been as active as usual. I wasn’t even going to write this post tonight because I’m currently sick, yet again. (My second time in two months). I should be in bed resting right now, but I wanted to share my exciting news with you all. If you follow me me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have already seen my posts about this.

I am buying a house! I’ve been spending my time working longer hours to get more money saved up, looking at homes online, and scheduling showings to go see houses in person. Now, I’m going to be a homeowner! I’m excited about this venture, but I’m also incredibly nervous. This is probably one of the biggest decisions a person can make. Sometimes I still question if I’ve done the right thing or made a mistake. Especially since I will be paying out more than double what I pay now.

This all started because I’m turning 30 in the Fall, and most people my age have something to show for it. They already live on their own, are engaged or married, and/or have kids. The thought of me turning 30, being single, and still living in my mother’s house was just weighing on me. I was just feeling like I would be stuck forever, continuously getting older, with nothing to show for it. I figured now was the right time. My 20’s have very much been a transitional period between being a young adult and a full adult. Definitely a learning and growing experience. I want to enter my 30’s ready to start conquering this adult thing, and taking a step toward becoming more responsible and independent.

Here’s the catch. My mom is coming with me. “Say what?” You’re probably thinking. I know it sounds so ass backwards and not how these things typically work. When the idea of me wanting to buy a house came up, my mom immediately started talking about selling her house and saying she was coming with me. Honestly, there’s probably no getting rid of my mother, and I’ve accepted that. We do butt heads a lot, but I’m her only child, and I really think that she would be lost if she didn’t have me around. I could have just simply told her no, and that I wanted to be on my own. However, the truth of the matter is that I still don’t have the financial means to be 100% independent yet. Yes, I’m able to afford paying for the house, but when factoring other bills in too, money would be extremely tight. So it’s actually beneficial for me to have her helping out some. (In this day and age, most people need two incomes to live, so it’s hard for a single woman like myself). Plus, she’s a neat freak so I know she will always keep my house clean for me. Ha!

Although we will still be living together, I definitely feel like I have more control in this scenario. I can decorate the house the way I want and put my personality into it. When I walk through the door every night, it will completely feel like my space. Not to mention, now I can eventually get another cat if I choose to. Living in my mom’s house, she said absolutely no more animals in her house. Now, I can get another pet if I want. I have no plans to do so right way, but eventually I would like to get another kitty.

Now let me tell you about my house hunting experience. I initially found a home that I loved. It was a more modernized style, it had hardwood flooring in the entryway, a fenced in yard with a nice patio, a bathroom within the master bedroom, and a teal and gray colored living room and kitchen, which I thought was really pretty. However, that home had already gotten two other offers when I put mine in. They ended up going with another offer, and I was pretty bummed. I realized that was part of house buying and I kind of knew I probably wouldn’t end up with the first house that I wanted anyway.

I looked at a couple other homes, but they just were not my style. I found another house online that looked nice and I scheduled a showing to see that one. However, then my realtor contacted me and told me that it was now under contract, so I lost out on that house before I even got to see it. I scheduled another showing for a different house for later that week, but then my realtor contacted me again and said they have an offer coming in and I need to get in to see it quickly in case I might want to put in an offer on that one. I ended up having to leave work for a short while to go look at it. When I saw the house online, initially I was not a fan of of the brown molding around the doors and windows, but after seeing it in person, it started growing on me.

The main thing I loved about this house was that there is no carpet downstairs. When you walk in, you are greeted with a white and brown wooden staircase and wooden floors that go into the living room. It’s so pretty! There’s no carpet downstairs at all, since the kitchen and downstairs bathroom has tile. Once you get upstairs, it’s all carpeting though. I would have loved for the wood to continue on the upper level as well, but you can’t have everything. The bedrooms are not huge, but they’re still a decent size. This house only has two bedrooms though, whereas the other had three. However, that was something I was able to compromise with because this house has a basement. I’ve always wanted a basement! Granted the basement is unfinished, but I’ve got plans to spruce it up a bit and eventually make a movie room and lounge down there. My mom also really liked this house, and that was the first time her and I agreed on something in this whole situation.Β  Speaking of which, the fact that this house is a two-story (plus a basement) will allow my mom and myself to have more space, which I think is a good thing. Our current home is only one floor. One downside though, which was basically the same at every house I saw, is that the bedrooms are close together. (Where we live now, our bedrooms are at complete opposite ends of the house). The only reason this might be bothersome is because my mom snores. However, we lived in apartments before where our bedrooms were beside each other, and we managed then.

I saw the house on Thursday, my offer was submitted on Friday morning, and then I finally heard something on Sunday. The seller had received other offers, but they said they wanted to work with me, since I’m a first time home buyer. Along with purchase price, I was asking the seller to pay the closing costs (which would be just over $7,000). They countered my offer and said they would pay $3k of the $7k. I countered back and asked if they could pay $5k. Then they came back at $4k, and I accepted. So now I have to move forward with getting an inspection and appraisal done. As long as everything goes okay, I’ll be closing and moving in sometime in May.

Here’s a pic of the entryway/stairs/living room area that I shared on Instagram. I will most likely be posting more photos at some point.


32 thoughts on “Turning the Page To A New Chapter

  1. OMG I’m so happy for you, congratulations!! Such an awesome accomplishment buying your first house, you should be proud of yourself! I love the look of the wooden floors too. Best wishes that your new home brings you much joy and happiness!!

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  2. That’s so amazing. I’m 25 and still want my own house. My mom left us her home but it’s not where I picture our family making memories. But the house looks amazing, definitely give a home tour haha. Jk. Congrats doll!!

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  3. Congrats! I’m going to be hitting 6 years of home ownership this June, and it still is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Having a home means your own space to do as you want, decorate as you want, and a sense of belonging to a community. A great big step as you turn 30!

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