Neighbor Drama, Already!


If you’ve read my previous post, you know the exciting news about me buying my first home. I’m not moved in yet. Hell, I haven’t even gone to settlement yet. This is all supposed to occur next month. However, I’ve already had a situation with the neighbor, which I’m going to vent and tell you all about.

I had to go to my home today for the inspection. (It went well and there’s no major issues). My mom came with me, and my realtor met us there, along with the inspector. As soon as we pulled up, we see a man coming out of the residence next door and onto my porch trying to look into my house. We both had a WTF reaction. My mom rolls the window down and says, “Can I help you? Are you looking for someone?” He said he saw someone go into the house and knows that nobody lives there, so he was checking it out. My mom mentions how I am buying the house and that it was the inspector who just went inside. That alone made me think this neighbor was intrusive and a little kooky.

He seemed rather chatty, and started telling us all about the neighborhood and the other neighbors. Apparently he’s already introduced himself to half the street, and he just moved in this past week. My mom noticed a vehicle parked on my gravel parking lot in the backyard and casually slipped that into the conversation. The neighbor mentioned that it was his vehicle. I’m a very passive person, and I hate that about myself. My mom, on the other hand, is more assertive. Therefore, she had no trouble bringing up the fact that the gravel parking belonged to me. Of course we don’t care if he parks there for the next month until I actually move in, but we did want him to be aware that it’s part of my property and not his.

That’s when he started getting really defensive. He claimed that his realtor told him that parking belonged to both his and my house, and he said he never would have bought his house if he knew that he wouldn’t have off-street parking. That’s when my realtor stepped in and said that she has the papers/property drawing that states that the parking belongs to my residence and is not considered part of his. He gets even more defensive. “Well, what am I supposed to do now? I’ve already bought this house and moved in! I’m not going to park on the street! My realtor said it was okay I park there!” He was basically saying those same things over and over. Also, one of the things he kept bringing up was how part of the parking does cross into his yard a little bit. However, it’s very little. Maybe several inches. Certainly not enough to fit a whole vehicle on without being on my side.

Idiot me says, “Well, maybe we can come to an agreement and allow one car on it.” Why did I ever say that? I know it’s probably going to come back and bite me in the ass because he’ll probably use that as an excuse as to why he can park there now. I did mention that maybe he should consider expanding the parking to go into his lot as well, but he basically shrugged off the idea. I’m just the type of person that absolutely hates confrontation. I avoid it at all costs and try to get it over with quickly if it does occur. I know that’s why that statement slipped out of my mouth.

Afterwards, I was just really angry over the whole thing. I still am. I’m angry at myself for allowing those stupid words to come out of my mouth, I’m angry at the neighbor for getting defensive at us when it was not our fault, and I’m angry at his realtor for giving him false information, if that really was the case. I understand why he’s upset because he bought the home thinking he would be able to use that parking. However, I also bought my home with the knowledge that I would have this extra parking just for my home (which would be perfect for my mom and I to share as well as when I have guests over), and with the knowledge that I would not have to share it with anyone. I asked my realtor to get a hold of his realtor (because he did give us her name), and hopefully this can be resolved somehow. But I really don’t know how they could resolve this now in a way that would make us both happy.

I went on several different realtor websites, and all of them list his residence as street parking and mine as street parking and gravel parking. Also, when the homes were listed as being for sale, mine included the gravel parking in the description, whereas his didn’t.


This is a photo of the gravel parking pad in question (taken on a different day), and it was taken behind my house. The neighbor is to the left of me.


All I know is that this ruined my excitement a little bit. The last thing I want is to have any kind of drama with my neighbor. I guess this is always the chance you take when buying a house though.

The featured image is a still from the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. It’s of the opening sequence when the neighborhood was all in chaos. I love horror movies and thought that would be a good pic to use.



41 thoughts on “Neighbor Drama, Already!

  1. You should definitely put your foot down next time you have a confrontation with him. It doesnt matter if you will be using this space or not – its belongs to you! Don’t ever let him park there and if he doesnt understand – take it up with authorities. I know his type of people… My neighbours were the same and my parents had to confront them a few times. They were parking on our side of the street with a big truck (every day) which was also blocking our driveway a bit. Now, one of our cars is there all the time and they don’t try to do it anymore. You should do the same! Confront him or park your car there at all times. Hope it will all be fine and doesnt take away too much from your excitement! xo

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      1. I’m definitely with ‘It Girl’. Unfortunately neighbors are sometimes a pain, but you sometimes have to put your foot down with them otherwise they will encroach on your space. I recently had a issue with a neighbor regarding where to put out trash bags, and by going back to the legal documents for our neighborhood, I was able to show that I was correct. I’m sure you’ll find some other neighbors you like! 🙂 (And if he is a busybody, everyone will get annoyed by him soon enough)

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  2. I hope you get it resolved soon! You shouldn’t be stressed about something before you even get to move it. I’m the same way, though. I don’t like confrontation and I try to make everybody happy. I’ve learned that sometimes, everybody doesn’t get to be happy. Maybe after putting your foot down and telling him he can’t use it, he’ll eventually get over it. Don’t like him get to you. Look at the positive side of things 💙 Hope everything goes well in the future.

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  3. Congrats again on buying a home! So exciting and stressful too! Try not to let your neighbor take advantage of you and your property. I know it’s easier said than done but he sounds like the type you give an inch and they take a mile. Plus if you don’t see the gravel drive on any of his property listings he most likely made up a story to protect his interests and agenda. It is illegal for a realtor to give false information regarding a property. I do know that feeling when you say something to try to find resolve and then kick yourself afterwards as I too always want to find a solution without confrontation. Wishing you the very best and ease as you move forward!!

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  4. Oh my gosh, how fucking annoying. I’d be pissed! He was on your porch peering into your house?! What if you were like moving in & unboxing your stuff?! How creepy. Why does he think that’s his problem, anyways, if someone is going into a house that he doesn’t own?!
    I would not let him park anything on your gravel. Ever.

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    1. Right?! I was like WTF is he doing! He seemed a little weird, but he did mention how he was in a horrible car accident a while back and was badly injured. He got a settlement from it (I guess how he bought the house), so there could be a little brain damage or something. He said his mom is going to be living there with him too. I’m guessing she’s elderly because he was in his 40’s or 50’s. I just feel like we might have problems with him which sucks because I was so excited about moving in. Hopefully everything works out okay.

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      1. Ah… I see. :/ Poor guy. That makes it so hard. Lol, have your mom deal with it. 😛 It’ll all work out in the end, babe. Don’t let him ruin your excitement! You’re about to move into your first house & it’s beautiful!

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  5. That really sucks, I’m so sorry this dampened the enthusiasm you feel over buying your first home. I’m very much like you and try to avoid confrontations whenever possible, but when it comes to neighbors you really need to stand your ground because sadly if you give an inch many times they will try and take a mile. It sounds like the issue is between him & his realtor and what his realtor told him (assuming that is the truth), it’s not your problem to fix and he should not be trying to guilt you into giving him what he wants. If his realtor really did tell him that, then he needs to take it up with them, and not with you. I really hope he doesn’t turn out to be a creep and that he will honor the property lines that support the gravel parking belonging to you. I wonder how the previous owners of both houses handled this, and if it caused any problems between them? I’m hoping this resolves peacefully & amicably so you can get back to enjoying preparing to move into your new home, take care and good luck!

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    1. Yeah, the only issue with the property lines is that if you draw a straight line down in between our yards, there’s still several inches of the gravel on his property, therefore he thinks he should be able to use it. He even said so, that because a tiny amount is on his land, he has a right to use it. I still say that’s ridiculous because the amount on his land is not even enough to fit an entire vehicle on. I told my realtor to contact his realtor about it, even though you’re right that he should do that himself. I hope I hear something back from them about it.


  6. I’ll be thinking good thoughts that this works out for you, stay strong & be positive! And know all your online friends support you and have your back 🙂

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  7. Dang that really sucks! Try not to let it affect you too much! You still get to move into an amazing house and hopefully he’ll keep to himself later on!

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  8. Ugh this is SO irritating. I’m the same way when it comes to confrontation and I’m really trying to become more assertive. Ben has no problem with it, but I’d like to be able to stand up for myself in any situation. YOU bought that house, so you should decide how that land is used. Even if it’s uncomfortable, tell him that YOU and your mom will be using it. Don’t give him the inch to turn into a mile! And don’t let it dampen your excitement. You deserve to be HAPPY!

    Susie |

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  9. Geez that way. There’s always one of those people in each and every neighborhood. We get along with pretty much all of our neighbors here and everyone has under cover parking spaces but everyone also lives with other people (as do I) so everyone has cars everywhere. Lol. Some of our neighbors seem kind of racist and usually we hear remarks like “they have so many fucking cars, it looks like a dealership over there”. And yet the bitch shouldn’t talk cause her household has like four of them too 🙄
    Anyway I’m ranting too lmao. I really hope that you guys can solve that issue, it’s not fair that his realtor misled him and told him that was his property when it isn’t. That’s just such unnecessary drama. But honestly the guy could just chill the fuck out. He’s making it sound like the only reason he bought the dam house was for the parking.. uh, ok. So not the house then? Lol. But anyway, I also get the impression that the guy might be lying…so who knows. I hope you get it all worked out.

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    1. Yeah, my mom had some problems with several neighbors where we live now, so I guess it’s somewhat common. lol I’m also an only child and don’t like to share, so that’s another reason I’m so irritated. 😛

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      1. Well at least your mom is more confrontational than you are, so you won’t feel like you have to confront your neighbor. Though you also can’t guarantee your mom to be there every single time? And that’s understandable. I wouldn’t want to share my property either lol.

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  10. Fuck that sucks. That dude should have got this straight before he moved in. His realtor should handle it for damn sure. In the end, though, there’s always small claims court, but that would be more of a pain in the ass.

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  11. Well, that just sucks. I hope everything works out so you won’t have any unnecessary drama when it should be a celebration to have your own place! Believe me, I also hate confrontations, but you might have to do some in order to straighten things out. Good luck!

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  12. Major congrats to you for buying your first home! Oh man, that neighbor sounds so weird for already approaching you guys! Ugh, I know I would’ve already snapped at him. I mean what does the property line say? Hope things will ease out from the neighbor’s end as time goes by.


  13. Gosh he sounds like a pain. It might be hard but you have to put you foot down and be respectful but direct. I’ve been dealing with an issue with my neighbor for five years because I hate confrontation. I’m so excited for you about the house though!

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 Sorry you’re having neighbor issues as well. This world is too darn populated! lol Too bad there isn’t enough room so that we all can live more spaced apart instead of right up against each other.

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