10 Reasons You Should Take a Hot Bath


I just finished taking a hot bath, which is one of my favorite things to do, and it’s the inspiration behind this post. It always makes me feel mentally and physically great at the same time, so I figured I would list some reasons why you should take a hot bath.

It’s euphoric.
Sure it can be enjoyable to take a bath in general, but a hot bath is even more euphoric. Especially when it burns when you first get in. For the same reason many people enjoy spicy food, your brain releases endorphins, which is an enjoyable effect. I also really enjoy the feeling I get after I get out of the water as my body temperature gradually returns to normal.

It decreases stress levels.
If you’re currently dealing with a lot of stress, taking a hot bath is a great way to to relax both your mind and your body and ease the tension. I started taking a hot bath every Friday night after my work week came to an end, and it really has made a difference. It’s a great way to relieve the stress that has built up and allow your mind and body to recharge for the week ahead.

It helps relieve cramps.
If it’s that time of the month or you happen to suffer from gastrointestinal issues like myself, a hot bath can help to relieve the pain. The heat helps to prevent the contracting that causes the pains. It definitely seems to help me. I was having some abdominal discomfort and slight cramping, and as soon as I got in the hot bath, it stopped.

You’re cold.
Taking a hot bath when you’re really cold is always super enjoyable. That first moment when you feel the warmth of the water is amazing. Of course it’s only temporary and you’ll probably get cold again once you get out, but there’s always blankets, right?

It burns calories.
Taking a hot bath which causes you to sweat can also help you burn calories. It gets your heart pumping just like if you were doing some light exercising. Except all you have to do is just sit there, which is super easy.

It helps relieve cold and flu symptoms.
Even though I generally take a hot bath once a week, I will always take them more often when I am sick. They do help me feel better, even if only temporarily. The steam can help with congestion by opening nasal passages and also helping with coughs. Although sweating out a sickness is apparently a myth, I still choose to believe that sweating it out does help you get better faster. Hot baths also help to boost your immune system.

It can help you fall asleep faster.
After I get out of a hot bath, I’m always completely void of energy. My mind is also relaxed at that point, and I feel like I could just collapse in bed and fall asleep right then and there. Whenever I do take a hot bath before bed, I seem to fall asleep faster.

It relieves muscle tension.
If you’re experiencing sore muscles, soaking in a hot bath can help soothe the stiff muscles. There are also oils and herbs that you can add to your water to help your muscles feel better as well.

It relieves headaches.
Taking a hot bath will also help to relieve a headache if you have one. The heat reduces pressure in the blood vessels. I know it definitely helps me feel better if I’ve got a throbbing head.

It lowers blood pressure.
If you’re one of those people who get spikes in your blood pressure, you can take a quick dip in a hot bath to help keep it lowered.


15 thoughts on “10 Reasons You Should Take a Hot Bath

  1. I really need to get better at taking baths. I am ALWAYS cold, and pretty much always have muscle tension, so those are two big reasons I need to get it together haha. I struggle with baths because I’m so antsy, I get easily bored in there and am always trying to multitask. But that’s probably an indicator that I need to chill out and enjoy it!
    Thanks for the self care nudge Britney :).

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

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  2. I wish I could take more hot baths but my bathtub is super small and the water never really covers my entire body even when I’m fully submerged lol. But I’m glad that there are more benefits than I initially thought to taking hot baths.

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