April Glam Bag


I want to start by saying that this will be my last Ipsy glam bag post for at least three months. I’ve put my subscription on hold since I am supposed to be moving next month and I need to cut out some things to save money. I may end up canceling it for good, but I just put it on hold in the meantime since I haven’t actually decided what I want to do yet.

The bag
This is one of my favorite bag designs I’ve gotten from Ipsy thus far. I love the color of it, and the butterflies are really pretty.


H2O+ Plus Beauty: Oasis Hydrating Treatment
I received a cleanser from this brand in one of my previous Ipsy bags and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to trying this. The gel texture of this reminded me of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, however this gel fell short. I like Neutrogena’s much better. This moisturizer left a sticky residue on my face afterwards that I just did not care for.

Trifle Cosmetics: Sugar Bunny Lip Scrub
I’m so glad Ipsy listened to my requests and gave me another lip scrub to try. I love lip scrubs! This one has a green color and smells like melons, which reminds me of summer. It’s a little bit oily though, but there’s still enough sugar to exfoliate the lips pretty well. It does not leave my lips feeling soft afterwards though, which is a bummer. The last lip scrub I tried (from Naked Cosmetics) left my lips feeling super soft afterwards.

Paula Dorf: Bronzer (shade Bora Bora)
Based on the shade, I thought I was going to hate this product. I was wrong. The formula is great, as it doesn’t go on too powdery or look cakey. It gives my face a nice bronzed glow, which will be perfect for Summer.

NYX Cosmetics: Soft Matte Lip Cream (shade Stockholm)
I’ve always liked NYX lipsticks, but for whatever reason never got around to trying the lip creams, although I’ve wanted to. I was excited I finally got one, although they did not send me the shade I was hoping for. There were five different shades that you had the possibility of getting, and I was hoping for the Istanbul shade the most (which is a pinkish mauve color) or even the Milan shade (which is similar to Istanbul but brighter and darker). I ended up receiving Stockholm, which is a brown color. I already have so many similar shades, so I wasn’t ecstatic about that. It does look good on me though, so I’m sure I will be wearing this quite a bit. I absolutely fell in love with the formula. It glides on super smoothly, dries quickly, and it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. It’s probably my favorite matte lip cream I’ve ever used. I definitely want to get more of these.

Manna Kadar: Priming Shadow Stick (shade S’more)
I wasn’t all that excited about trying out this product because I felt like I wouldn’t really like it that much. I actually ended up liking it more than I thought I would. The shade looked decent on me, and it glided on very smooth and creamy, with lots of pigmentation.

First Aid Beauty: Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer
I redeemed some of my points to get this extra item this month. I picked this moisturizer because I love coconut and I was interested in trying more things from First Aid Beauty. I was a bit shocked when I first used this though because I was expecting the aroma of coconuts. It does not smell anything like coconuts. However, I am okay with that because guess what it does smell like? It smells similar to one of my favorite candies, SweetTarts! The smell is still light and not overpowering though. It leaves my face feeling moisturized and ready for makeup application.

16 thoughts on “April Glam Bag

  1. It sounds this like this is a pretty great bag to take a break at! I like the sound of that First Aid Beauty primer, might have to check it out!

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  2. Omg the first aid coconut priming moisturizer sounds fab!! And you also got the lip scrub nice. You got some products I was hoping to get lol. I got the NYX SMLC in Ibiza (which I already own) so it was very disappointing because I wanted a different shade lol. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I bought it myself so it’s not like they’ve sent it to me before. I bought the shade Athens not that long ago but it might be too light on me 😒 lol
        But yeah, the only things they send too often are copper and gold eyeshadows I have too many of them.

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  3. That’s awesome that they gave you a sugar scrub after you asked for one! How odd that the coconuts thing didn’t smell like coconuts, maybe it was just made with them? Lol. I’m sad that I won’t get to compare my bag with yours for 3 months! Hopefully you can decide to keep the subscription. 😄

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