The Girl Behind the Green Door


It’s a little hard to see from the photos, but my door is green, hence the title. I closed on my house today, so it’s officially mine now! I titled this post “The Girl Behind the Green Door” as a reference to One Tree Hill, when Brooke was sometimes referred to as “The girl behind the red door”. Of course my house is nowhere near as big or extravagant as the beautiful Colonial style house that Brooke lived in, but it will do. πŸ˜‰

The closing went extremely smoothly today. It took place at Olde Towne Title, which is a real estate title company in my area, and they truly did an amazing job of making the experience as enjoyable as it possibly could be. Who knew that signing a bunch of paperwork could be fun? I knew ahead of time that there would be some refreshments on the table, but I wasn’t expecting everything we got. We had water, soda’s, candy, muffins, grapes, cheese and crackers, mozzarella sticks, pizza bagel bites, taquitos, mini pigs in a blanket (hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll), and crab ragoon. Everything tasted so good! You know I love some free food. They even gave me the leftovers to bring home. The muffins were so moist and delicious, and I’m not even a big sweets person.


One of the papers I signed had “Britney H—-,Β  Single Woman” on it, and it cracked me up for some reason. I guess they have to put that since I’m not married, but I definitely am very much single and okay with that. It actually makes me happy to know that this house is all mine. My name is the only one on the loan, nobody co-signed with me, and all decisions related to the house are mine alone. I never thought I would be where I am now. It all still feels pretty surreal.

For some reason, I was pretty klutzy today. First, I almost fell sideways off the chair. I just started laughing and said, “Oops, I lost my balance.” Then I went to take a drink of soda and spilled it on myself. I was so embarrassed. I said, “Sorry, I’m used to drinking out of a can and not a large glass like this.”

The closing only lasted an hour, which wasn’t long at all. I then got gifts from my realtor, the lender, and the title company. The title company gave me some ranch dressing and steak seasoning. I don’t cook and don’t get around to eating steak very often, but the dressing will definitely get used at some point. My realtor and lender both got me flowers, and they are really pretty.


Afterwards, my mom and I drove over to my new house to drop a carload of some stuff off. Guess who we ran into again? My neighbor, who we had a slight confrontation with previously about the parking. He was much more civil and understanding this time around. He said he will park his vehicle on the street, so hopefully I don’t have to worry about that now. He said he just wants to be civil and friendly with his neighbors, and that’s exactly what I want too. Of course then his mom (who lives there with him) came out and started being rude when she heard the conversation about possibly putting a fence up. She said, “You better make sure that fence is only on your property.” Then the neighbor guy was trying to shoosh her away and told us not to mind her. She seemed really grumpy and like the type that will complain about everything. Hopefully I won’t have to see her too often.


I wanted to get some photos of the house today to show you guys like I said I would. However, I was being rushed so I only got a few. I will definitely take more photos once I move in, get settled, and start decorating. I want to change out the cabinet knobs/pulls in the kitchen and bathrooms (because the ones there now are a bit old fashioned), and I also want to make a movie room in the basement.


I never knew how much was involved with buying a home. It was a learning experience for sure! Lots of paperwork, going to the bank multiple times, and of course stress and some disappointments along the way. I didn’t even get full loan approval until several days before the closing. Everything worked out in the end though.

My mom took me out to eat for a celebratory dinner at Hurricane Grill, which just opened here recently. I had the Calypso Seafood Rice Bowl. The flavor was good, but they really drowned it in sauce. I don’t think it needed as much sauce as it had on it, but it was still pretty good.


Moving day is scheduled for next Saturday, the 19th. Now I’ve got to spend this weekend and all next week packing everything up. I’ve really been dreading that. I haven’t packed a single thing yet because I’m such a procrastinator. It really needs to get done though. I’ll probably be a bit MIA the next week or two as I will be busy with the move, but I will keep you updated as things move along.




32 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the Green Door

  1. What a beautiful home!! I am so, so happy for you, Britney! That’s so sweet they made all that food for you & bought you flowers too!! I hope the next door neighbor lady doesn’t give you too much trouble & these photos of you are so dang cute!

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    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ I was taking some stuff over today, and the more I’m in the house, the more excited I am about getting settled in and starting my next chapter there. πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You have no idea how absolutely happy I am for you. Once you’re sorted and whenever I muster up the courage to get into my car and brave my horrible driving anxiety, I will come to visit. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yay! πŸ™‚ I was over at my house this weekend, and we got the new floor lamp I bought assembled and put the shower curtain I bought up (which is so very much me, and I will post a photo once I get moved), and just seeing it start to feel homey already is awesome. I can’t wait until Saturday when all the furniture gets moved in and everything. πŸ˜€


  3. I’m so happy for you!! Congrats on being a home owner. I cannot wait to see what you do with the place. And i do hope that the neighbors mom isn’t a complete bitch who complains about everything…. lol

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