The One with the Basement [Weekly Photo Roundup #4]


Happy first of July! I can’t believe June is over already. This whole year has just been flying by so far! I still remember sitting alone in my room on New Years Eve and thinking that 2018 was going to be just another less than stellar year that blends in with previous years. I couldn’t even have told you when the last really good thing to happen to me was. I had no idea at that moment what 2018 had in store for me. We’re now six months into this year and my car has been paid off, I’m sitting in my own home that I purchased (and just made my first mortgage payment), and I’ve finally got my basement set up, which has been a dream of mine for quite some time.


My basement is not a finished basement, but it’s amazing what a little decorating will do. There are poles in the middle of the floor, so that kind of divided the basement into two parts. One side is for laundry and storage, but the other half is my hangout. I got this awesome sun tapestry to help hide the ugly poles and work as a divider.


I’ve always loved Eric Foreman’s basement on That 70’s Show, so I wanted something similar but even more cool. I was originally going to do a retro 70’s style in the basement, but I ended up not doing that. Once everything started coming together, I realized the decor gave my basement a bit of a 90’s vibe, which is great because that is my favorite decade.


That red pole in the back (like the ones in the middle of the floor) is ugly, but I tried to decorate it a bit by wrapping pink UV reactive string around it. I may eventually get some blacklight tape and completely cover the whole pole, but that will work for now. If you see that white thing sitting on my stand, that is my projector. It is awesome! More on that in a bit. I’ve had a couple family members comment on my placement of the lamp because they said it looks cluttered and don’t understand why I don’t put it on the other side of my stand since there’s space there. Well, here’s the reason. For starters, the plug won’t reach if I sit it there, so I would have to use an extension cord. Secondly, I’ve got my subwoofer sitting down there, and I also need that space open so I can adjust my projector when I need to. I personally like my lamp sitting there and don’t really care if it’s slightly cramped.


I’m seriously so in love with these 90’s style pillow covers! They were only $10 each too, and the fabric on them is quite soft. I got them from Amazon, and I also bought that yellow blanket from Amazon as well. It’s super soft, but it does leave fuzz behind on my futon. Oh well. I’m also in love with the rug I bought for my basement too. It really helps make the basement look more cozy, and I’m in love with the color of it. It looks two different colors in these photos (I guess from the lighting). In person, the actual color is more of a cross between these two photos. The color of the rug is called ‘Mint’, but it’s like a cross between mint green and turquoise.


I wanted my basement to be a cross between a movie room and a club/rave. I would say it’s pretty much been a success. I got my basement put together super quick, and it turned out even better than I imagined in my head.


I had my housewarming party last weekend, and it was so much fun! Everybody loved my house and my basement. I put so much work into this, and even though I did it for myself, it still means a lot that other people enjoyed everything also.


I didn’t get a lot of photos at my party like I wanted to, but I will always have the memories. The party lasted about four hours, but it literally only felt like an hour or so. It flew by so fast! This was such a great way to create some memories in my new home though, which is what I wanted.

I bought so much food for the party, I might have went a little overboard. I didn’t even eat any of it except for a few meatballs before the party started. I was having so much fun in my basement that I forgot to go up to the kitchen to eat.


The food included crockpot meatballs, pasta salad, deviled eggs, baked pita chips, a cheeseball, three different types of cheeses (pepper jack, gouda, and monterey jack), pepperoncini’s, feta stuffed olives, marinated mushrooms, Italian dry salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, cotto salami, and grapes. I definitely had to take a photo of this platter though because it turned out beautifully. I actually bought that serving tray the day before the party. You can’t really tell in the photo, but it was a marble design and pretty.


This past week, I also got my projector (as mentioned above) and screen set up. I’ve always wanted a movie room, and now I finally have one! I decided to go the projector route because it’s cheaper than getting a large TV. Plus, it would feel more like a movie theater. It’s really hard trying to demonstrate size in the photo because camera’s always seem to make screens appear smaller, but this screen is 100″. I mounted it with hook screws on the beam where my tapestry is hanging. I pull it down when I’m using it, and then I put the screen back up when I’m done. I got it from Best Buy for $112.

I also got my projector from Best Buy, which is an Epson VS250 for $300. A lot of the projectors were more money, so I went with one of the cheaper ones I could find that I thought would still be good quality. I have to say, this projector really doesn’t disappoint. It has great color and contrast. The SVGA resolution is only 800×600, but the picture quality is still really clear. The only downside I’ve found so far, and this does have some to do with how close my futon is to the screen, but there is a slight “screen door effect”. A screen door effect is basically when you can see the outline of the pixels, which make up a grid effect on the screen, similar to if you were looking through a screen door. I adjusted the focus on my projector to be just slightly out of focus, so it softens the picture a bit and makes the pixels less noticeable. It’s really not that noticeable now, and for the price I really can’t complain.

The projector came with a built in speaker, but the volume didn’t go up very loud, and of course there was no bass or anything to it. I wanted a better sound system since I was basically creating a little home theater in the basement. Speakers are so expensive though! I tried to find something that wouldn’t break the bank, and I ended up finding the Megacra 100 watt soundbar and subwoofer. Initially I wanted a surround sound system, but I really had nowhere to sit a multitude of speakers. That’s why I thought this soundbar would be a good fit for my basement. The soundbar is 28″, and I measured the stand behind my futon and saw that it would fit perfectly. Once my speakers arrived, I saw that I was right! Unfortunately, trying to hook up the soundbar was another story.


When I ordered the soundbar, I saw that it had the red and white RCA ports, which I also saw on my projector. This led me to believe it was compatible. I was wrong. The soundbar actually provided multiple ways to hook it up, but none of which worked with my projector. The RCA cables, that I thought would work, actually had to be plugged into the soundbar and not the projector like I initially thought. The other end of the RCA cable was to be plugged into a headphone jack port, which my projector didn’t have. I did some googling and it turns out that you can also hook up speakers to your Blu-ray player as well, and it’s actually better to do it that way. Well, guess what? My Blu-ray (which I had just bought) also did not have the ports. I tried getting a USB to headphone jack adapter, but that did not work either.

On Friday, I ended up leaving work early, and thankfully some guys at Best Buy were able to help! They pulled up the items I had on the computer and were able to confirm that the speakers I bought were not compatible with either one. I figured if these weren’t compatible then others likely wouldn’t be either. One of the ways you could hook up the soundbar was via a coaxial cord. They were able to find a Blu-ray player that had this port. Unfortunately, I already threw away the box and everything that my player at home came in, so I figured I might not be able to take that one back. I decided I didn’t have much of a choice, so I got this other Blu-ray and the coaxial cable that I needed. I got home and it hooked right up, so easily. It worked! I was ecstatic! It cost me almost $100 more, but it was worth it. These speakers sound amazing!


I broke them in by watching one of my favorite movies, Spring Breakers. Let me tell you, the subwoofer that came with the soundbar packs a great amount of bass! My music speakers/sub I have is only 60 watt, and these are 100 watt. I’m seriously thrilled with how good it sounds, and it was worth the hassle. Now my basement is fully set up, and I’ve definitely been spending a lot of my free time down there.


Also, just throwing this in here, but how awesome are these retro sunglasses? I got them on Amazon, and I love them.

24 thoughts on “The One with the Basement [Weekly Photo Roundup #4]

  1. Oh my! It turned out amazing, Britney. Every single touch you added is so perfect. I think it’s super awesome you have a projector & screen instead of a TV!! & yes! Those sunglasses are amazing! 😍

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  2. It came out awesome. I love the 90s vibe . The pillows are awesome.

    Now, I really need to come and visit! I need to watch “Twister” on your projector as it’s one of my favorite movies and it has awesome sound. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s great that you’ve been settling in your new home and it’s great that your car was paid off! Love how you decorated your basement. Oh man, that cheese and salami platter looks DELISH! Glad you’ve been having a great time.

    Nancy β™₯

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