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I got an email the other day saying that Netflix is getting rid of reviews due to “declining usage”. That sounds like a poor excuse, but of course usage will decline when they don’t even include the reviews on any of their apps. I personally think that’s stupid because I personally like seeing others’ thoughts on a movie. Sure, there are other sites you can go to for that, but it’s more convenient when it’s right there on the site you’re planning to watch on.

I liked the idea of Netflix having their own original content, but now it seems like that’s all they are focused on. Most of the content they’re putting out are things that I’m not even that interested in watching. As far as the other streaming content they’re offering, it’s pretty lackluster. I want to do this “Recently Watched on Netflix” as a continuous series here in my blog where I do mini-reviews of movies I’ve recently watched. However, the selection on Netflix right now is not that great, so I’m not sure how frequent these posts will be. I did watch a few movies recently, so I figured I would post my thoughts on those.


Hush (2016)
Netflix Synopsis: A deaf writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears in her window.

My thoughts: I enjoy home invasion movies, and I’ve seen quite a few. My favorite being “You’re Next”. I’ve been wanting to watch this one for some time, but I just now got around to it. I actually really like the way this movie uses very little dialogue (since the main character is deaf) yet still catches your interest using bodily expression. I definitely found the movie to be suspenseful, and I love the look of the mask the guy wears. I find it to be really creepy! Plus, Michael Trucco has a part in this, and I’ve always found him to be hot. Now here’s the downside, at least in my opinion. What drew me into this film was how creepy the guy with the mask was. Well, pretty much right after he shows up to the woman’s house to torment her, he takes the mask off. I understand wanting to reveal his face and humanize him a bit because the real monsters in this world are human. However, did they have to do it so soon? I feel like waiting 2/3rd’s of the movie would have been better. I did find him to be less scary once the mask was off.


The Invitation (2015)
Netflix Synopsis: A man accepts an invitation to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife, an unsettling affair that reopens old wounds and creates new tensions.

My thoughts: One word. BORING! This movie got tons of good reviews, but I just can’t understand it. None of the characters were really that likeable because they pretty much had no personality. The entire movie is basically people sitting or standing around at a dinner party just glaring awkwardly at each other. Then the hosts of the party play a video of a person dying, which makes everyone even more uncomfortable. It’s made known in the movie that the main character tragically lost his son and is dealing with PTSD, so you aren’t really sure if the strange behavior happening at the party is real or something that he’s imagining. Still, the film does this in such a boring non-suspenseful way that I almost turned the movie off. I forced myself to stick it out until the end. Once it got to the last 20 minutes, it finally started getting more interesting. About time! The climax was actually decent. I obviously can’t tell you what happens because that will spoil it if you do decide to watch. Even with the decent climax and ending, it took so long to get there that I really would not recommend this movie unless you like slow burn films.


Backcountry (2014)
Netflix Synopsis: A weekend hike for urbanites Alex and Jenn takes a dangerous turn when they become lost deep in the remote territory of a menacing bear.

My thoughts: This movie is loosely based on a true story about a couple from Canada. I googled the true story and found out that this movie plays out very different from what really happened. I did really enjoy this movie though. It’s a survivalist film, which I typically enjoy. The characters get lost in the wilderness when they go camping, and it all goes downhill from there. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it includes coming across a weird guy who they become afraid of, crossing paths with a bear, broken bones, and lack of food and water. This movie also has some really gruesome scenes in it that were almost too hard to watch. Missy Peregrym plays one of the main characters, and I’ve always really liked her.


Bad Match (2017)
Netflix Synopsis: A player who uses the internet to facilitate his womanizing ways is tormented when he spurns a persistent woman who won’t take no for an answer.

My thoughts: I went into this movie thinking it was going to be another Swimfan. It ended up going in a completely different direction than I suspected. I actually really enjoyed this! You end up questioning who the actual villain is in the movie. The main character is unlikable from the start, and that only ends up growing. Even so, it kept my attention from beginning to end. I thought the ending of the film was great, yet tragic. I thought this movie was a decent thriller that left a lasting impression on me.

17 thoughts on “Recently Watched on Netflix

  1. I didn’t even know that Netflix had a review section! I’ve not seen any of these movies but they all sound a bit unimpressive besides Bad Match. I’ll have to watch that one someday. πŸ™‚

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    1. I just realized I forgot to put my ratings of the movies in my post. Oops lol. Oh well, I will for the next one.

      Yep, Netflix only has the reviews on the desktop site. It’s not on mobile or any of the apps. I think the declining usage is just an excuse they’re using to get rid of it.

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  2. Netflix UK got rid of the review section a while ago & I really don’t like it! I loved seeing what others thought. I am with you on The Invitation & I quite enjoyed the ending and glad I stuck with it. Also agree with Hush, I think The Strangers is my favourite home invasion film and the masks have a huge part to play in why I find it so unnerving.

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      1. Ah that’s a shame – I really enjoyed it! Give it another go.
        P.S have you seen Hereditary yet? Now that is a horror film!x

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  3. Just like the other commenter I also didn’t know there was a review section lol oh well, they probably just don’t want to pay devs to incorporate that into the app so they’re cutting it out. Also, this is an interesting post! I’m not a big movie fan (more tv shows for me) and since the movie section of Netflix is lacklustre this will be a good way for me to see what’s up 😊

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  4. I actually loved The Invitation! I didn’t find it slow at all, and I hate slow movies, but I thought it was one of the better movies I’ve seen on Netflix in a long time! Hush was eh in my opinion, I thought the main character was an idiot and I hate that.

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