MILK Blur + Set VoxBox


I received another VoxBox from Influenster, this time with a product from Milk Makeup. I had heard of the brand, but I had not yet tried any of their products, so I was excited to be able to try something of theirs. This box only contained one product, which was the Blur + Set Matte Loose Setting Powder. I received the Translucent Light shade, which was right for my skin tone. I was happy that I received the correct shade this time so I could accurately try it. I received a makeup product in a previous box that was suited for a darker skinned girl, so I couldn’t really give a fair opinion on it.

The Blur + Set powder retails for $29 and is vegan, cruelty free, and talc free. The product is described as blurring pores, imperfections, and fine lines. It cuts shine, locks in makeup all day, and smooths skin.


I thought the packing was decent, and you get a good amount of product in the container. It also came with its own little sponge for application, which I thought was nice. I am really not a fan of that mesh netting though. I understand it’s there to help prevent spillage/making a mess, but I find it hard to get enough of the product on my sponge to apply to my whole face.

This is a very translucent powder, so if you’re looking for something to provide some additional coverage, this isn’t it. It does do most of what it is described as doing though. I was actually shocked when I saw that it diminished the visibility of my pores. My pores are pretty large and noticeable, but this did help smooth them out. You can still see them, but it helps give my face a smoother appearance.

It also provides a smoother surface for makeup application. However, I noticed when I put my blush or bronzer on over top, it appears a little blotchy. That might be because I had trouble getting enough of the product on the sponge, so it may not have been applied evenly enough on my face. I’ll try to keep working with it, but that’s something that has been bugging me about using this.

As far as cutting shine goes, it does give my skin a matte look, however that doesn’t last all day. I’ve been using this before work, and by mid-day my skin is becoming shiny again. However, the shine isn’t as noticeable as it usually is, so this powder has helped some with that.

Overall, this is a decent product, but it’s not one that I really fell in love with. I doubt I will buy more of this in the future, mainly due to the price. I don’t think it’s quite worth that. I’m definitely intrigued about other Milk products though, and hopefully I’ll get to try some more in the future and give you my thoughts on those as well.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

9 thoughts on “MILK Blur + Set VoxBox

  1. Never tried anything from Milk makeup before, I heard for their blurring stick though. I like loose powders, I think they look the best on the skin. I would definitely love to try this one, I think that packing is really cool. Lovely review. xx


  2. Awh man that sucks it didn’t work out for you. At least now I know that it’s not super great like a lot of beauty gurus say, lol. Maybe for them it works but it’s refreshing to see reviews that say otherwise. Thank you for your honesty!.

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