August Glam Bag


This was my first glam bag in three months. I put my Ipsy subscription on hold back when I was going through the process of buying my house and moving, and I needed to save some money. I decided to reactivate this month because I like the excitement of finding out what products I’m getting each month, and I kind of missed that. Of course, I’m generally left disappointed though, and I end up wondering why I still subscribe. This month wasn’t really any different.

The bag
Although I didn’t get the July glam bag, I saw what it looked like, and I fell in love with it. I was so upset that I didn’t get that bag because it was the most gorgeous shade of blue and one of my favorites yet. I was hoping this month’s would be just as lovely, since I would actually get this one. Unfortunately, I’m not that crazy about this one. I think they were going for a vintage 70’s vibe, which I would usually like, but I just find this bag kind of boring. They could have put a pattern or something on it to make it more interesting. I do really like the fringe on the zipper though.


Purlisse Beauty: Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm
Out of the items I received this month, this one ended up being my favorite of the bunch. That’s not to say that I love it though. I think the packaging is super cute, and it smells amazing. The smell kind of reminds me of Watermelon Jolly Ranchers. However, it leaves a sticky film on my face, which I really don’t like. It might be because it’s a fruity moisturizer. I have a green apple moisturizer from another brand that also leaves my face sticky.


Trust Fund Beauty: Lipgasm Lip Gloss (in shade Evil Genius)
This is the product I was most excited for. On my Ipsy page, it was showing a gorgeous and shimmery iced coffee-esque shade. I had a similar gloss previously that looked so good on me and I loved it, so I couldn’t wait to get this. I should have been more observant though because I didn’t realize you would get one of two shades. I thought it was just the one that the page was showing me. So I was a little shocked when I opened my bag and found a dark red lip gloss. I was so mad, honestly. I wanted the other color so bad, and I rarely wear red shades. I’ve even told Ipsy that previously, yet they always insist on sending me red shades for some reason. Thankfully, this ended up being a more sheer type of gloss, so it’s still wearable for me. I’m just upset that I didn’t get the other one (in shade Text Me) because I really wanted it.


Ofra Cosmetics: Eyeshadow (in shade Blue Jeans)
I’ve received a lot of shadows from Ofra in my ipsy bags, and they’re all pretty decent. I just hate this packaging that they come in. I love this shade of blue though, and it’s pretty well pigmented and easily blended with other shadows. Long live blue eyeshadow!


Hey Honey: Take Away the Drama Youth Boosting Honey & Copper Peel-Off Mask
I love the brand Hey Honey! It’s one of my all-time favorite brands, so I was super ecstatic to be getting another one of their products. I ended up HATING this product. It was really disappointing because I’ve loved everything else of theirs that I tried. This one was just terrible. It looks kind of pretty when you squeeze it out of the tube because it’s a shimmery copper color. However, it didn’t want to apply evenly onto the face at all. It also smelled like pennies, but seeing as how it’s a copper mask, I guess that’s to be expected. It dried fairly quickly and then I went to pull it off. I only managed to pull off a small portion on the side of my face. It hurt so so so bad! I am pretty good with handling certain types of pain, but this was just too much. Imagine how it feels to pull off a band-aid, which is just on a small portion of your skin. Now imagine what that would be like for your entire face. I just couldn’t do it. It was not worth it to me. I turned on the warm water and washed the mask off instead. My skin was bright red underneath. I was reading some of the reviews on Ipsy and apparently I’m not the only one with this same experience. A lot of people also washed their mask off instead of pulling it off and were left with red skin as well. I will not be using this again.


Ciate London: Glow-To Highlighter (in shade Moondust)
This is a decent highlighter. It’s very shimmery, so it’s perfect if you want a lot of shine. I just already have a lot of highlighters, some in similar shades, so I really didn’t need this. I also prefer a creamier formula (like what ColourPop has).


12 thoughts on “August Glam Bag

  1. It’s too bad you didn’t like all the sample products. That peel mask does sound painful. I love Trust Fund Beauty, and I didn’t know they had lipgloss. That’s cool. I like Hey Honey too! 🙂 That blue shade though. It reminds me of MiMi on The Drew Carey show Ha! Just put them in an empty Z palette. That’s what I do. I haven’t got mine yet, but here is what I’m getting:
    Pixi by Petra Fresh Face blush in beach rose
    TonyMoly Black Tea London serum
    SLMissGlam rose gold blush brush
    TheBalm Cosmetics foiled eyeshadow in Locked Up
    Ciate London Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust – as well

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  2. Ooh I see how they could have been going for a 70’s vibe! I did like the little yellow tassel, too!
    Do you check what you’ll be getting in your Ipsy before you receive it? That’d be so disappointing to think you’re getting something else. 😦 Sorry you got the red lippie but hey, at least you didn’t get a black liquid liner this time, right?! ;D
    The eyeshadow is such a beautiful color but I have to agree about Ofra’s packaging! I hate it!
    The face mask sounds horrible, smelling like copper & not even peeling off! So scary that it left your face all red!

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  3. The watermelon balm sounds really nice, so cool that it smells of watermelons too! That blue eyeshadow looks pretty, glad the pigmentation is decent, blues can be a hard colour to find good shadows of.

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  4. Noooo I HATE when the products are disappointing! That’s exactly why I canceled my Birchbox subscription. I just felt like I got the same products over and over again that I just felt ‘meh’ about. And it’s especially frustrating when you specify that you don’t like something and they continue to send it. We need a better subscription service!

    Susie |

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