October Glam Bag


Another bag that was just okay. I haven’t gotten a bag where I really loved all of the products in quite a long time. Looking at the other products offered this month, there are so many I would have loved to have gotten. Ipsy really needs to let us pick which products we want each month. Or at least let us pick some of them. They say that they go by your beauty preferences and reviews in order to pick your products, but I honestly think the whole thing is just randomized. Especially since they send me similar shades and products over and over again, even when I said I don’t like something.


The bag
I think Ipsy could have came up with something better for October/Halloween, but I do like the masquerade theme. I also like the red color. I think a vampire theme would have been cool though.


Murad: Essential-C Cleanser
I was so hoping for a cleanser this month since I’m running low, so I was so happy to see I was getting one. I really love this cleanser too! It has Vitamin C in it, and it has such a refreshing citrus smell. It also has a nice gel texture and seems to remove makeup and residue pretty well. I would definitely buy this again.


Buxom Cosmetics: Lip Polish (in shade Dolly)
I couldn’t wait to get this because I loved the color in the tube. It’s just the type of lip shade I would wear. However, once I put it on I discovered that it’s very sheer. It does have a slight tint, but it’s not very noticeable. It mostly looks like I’m just wearing clear gloss. It’s also a little sticky, which is why I’m not a big fan of glosses to begin with. This is supposed to be a lip plumper, but I didn’t really notice any change in my lips. Of course I never really do with lip plumpers. However, I do like this product for one reason. It has an intense cooling sensation on the lips. Not a stinging feeling like some plumpers have. This feels like you just put mint on your lips, and I love it.


Aphrodite: Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask
I love face masks, but this one didn’t really stand out to me. Although I’ve only used it once so far, so I definitely need to use it again. It didn’t dry my skin out, which is always a good sign. Along with olive oil, this mask also has witch hazel and aloe vera in it, which I love about it.


Nomad Cosmetics: Northern Lights Eyeshadow
This color looks gorgeous in the pan, but I didn’t really like this at all when I used it. I tried to use it on my lids, but it didn’t blend very well and looked kind of splotchy in spots. I think I’m just going to use this to wear under my eyes like an eyeliner from now on. Hopefully that will work out a little better for me.


Sundays: Nail Polish in No. 18
I don’t mind receiving nail polishes, and this one was pretty good quality. It lasted about four days before it started to chip, which is pretty good. With a lot of polishes, I find they will chip within a day or two. My only issue with this is on Ipsy’s end. They literally sent me the exact same shade (in another brand) last month. However, the two polishes do look different in the tubes. I received the Trust Fund Beauty last month, which appeared to be a brighter red. This one looked darker and more vampy. However, I applied them both to my nails just to see, and they are literally identical. You can’t tell which nail I put which on.





20 thoughts on “October Glam Bag

  1. I like the cleanser with Vitamin C and Buxom lip gloss! That’s awesome. I’m sorry to hear you are not that excited about the products they send you. I noticed something new on their website that you can choose a few of the products you want for next month I personally like being surprised.

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  2. Ooo, the bag is cute but a vampire theme would have been fun, too! That’s awesome you got a cleanser just in time. That’s the best thing about sub boxes, you’ll never have to buy some things if they keep sending you good ones. 🙂 I love that eyeshadow shade, so disappointing that it doesn’t apply well! Hopefully it works better as an eyeliner. The nail polishes really are identical, lol how annoying!

    I hope your next bag is filled with more of the things you want!! ♡

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  3. I love Buxom glosses solely for the cooling sensation! I think the Murad cleanser looks really nice and its cool that it has vitamin c!


  4. I got so tired of Ipsy for the same reasons, I kept getting the same stuff and/or shades over and over. I guess the bag is cute though.
    Really sucks that they sent you two of the same shades of nail polish 🤦‍♀️ are they even trying anymore?!
    And I believe I won four of those lip plumpers from buxom, but I haven’t gotten the chance to open them so I’m not sure which shades I got, if they’re sticky as you mentioned I probably won’t like them which will really suck because i was excited about them lol

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    1. I only wear nail polish about half the time, and I’m one of those people that just lets it chip and chip until there’s nothing left, instead of removing the polish and re-painting. lol It looks ridiculous, but oh well. Apparently I’m getting another nail polish in my bag this month, but this time it’s a really light shade.

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      1. I end up doing that too! I just don’t have the time to sit and re-do them and wait for them to dry again. Or maybe I do have the time but I don’t like spending it on that lol. And yet, I always love painted nails! It’s a struggle haha. Ooh well I hope you still like the nail polish in your next bag!

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