Makeup Look: Stargazer


When I posted my latest BH Cosmetics haul post, I mentioned I wanted to do some makeup looks using my new palettes. I haven’t created any looks with the Foil Eyes palette yet, but yesterday I finally got around to creating a look using the Aurora Lights palette. That was my main source for the entire look. I did use the BH Cosmetics Naturally Flawless foundation (also featured in my haul post), Beach Rose blush from Pixi by Petra, and mascara from Grande Cosmetics. I used the Aurora Lights palette for both the eyes and lips. Although I did add a clear gloss over top of my lips in the last two photos just to see what it would look like, but I think I liked the look better without the gloss. I used the silver shade in the palette as a highlighter. I just love the bright shimmery colors in this palette. I want to create some more looks soon.



33 thoughts on “Makeup Look: Stargazer

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve really been feeling inspired by Lauren Rohrer lately. (She’s a makeup artist on instagram). I just love her use of colors and how she uses shadow underneath her eyes as well and not just on her eyelids. Of course she’s so talented, I doubt I’ll ever be that good. lol


    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I haven’t had a chance to use all the shades yet, but I’ve noticed some of the shades are more pigmented than others. For example, the blue I wore under my eyes here looks a lot brighter in the pan, but on my face it appears more of a silvery blue. Still pretty though. The color on my lids was actually a combination of like three shades I used. lol I wore the green shade on my eyes today, and it was so pigmented! It looked so pretty on my eyes too. I can’t wait to try more of the colors.

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