Apps I’m Loving at the Moment

I thought I would share some apps/games I’ve been loving recently. When I get in bed at night trying to wind down to go to sleep, one thing I like to do is play games on my phone. It helps me to relax. They’re also great for on your work break, or any other time you might be bored or need something to do.


This is not a game, but I still wanted to share it in this post because I’ve been loving this app. My friend Brandy introduced me to it. If any of you remember Bitstrips (where you could create your own avatar and insert yourself into comic strips), this is like that except they’re emoji’s that you can insert into messages. There are so many different ones to choose from, which is great. Plus, it’s cool how it’s an avatar of yourself. When you download it, it connects to your keyboard, so you can just insert them into messages like you would a regular emoji. I’ve been using these in text messages to my mom, and she thinks they’re so cute. She doesn’t understand how this works, so she was forwarding ones I’ve already sent her when she’s replying to me, and I was cracking up. I’m going to have to show her how to get her own Bitmoji. haha

Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is a fun fashion game, where you are presented with different themes/challenges to participate in. You have cash and diamonds (that you earn) that you use to buy the outfit pieces to create each look. Then users vote on your look and you receive a rating of up to 5 stars. This game does make me angry at times because I feel like the same types of looks always win. (Where’s the variety and uniqueness?) Plus, people who are at a higher level have access to different makeup, hair styles and accessories, which puts them at an advantage. I feel like only looks that are in the same level range should be pitted up against each other. Still, it’s really fun getting creative and creating an outfit to fit different themes. Some of my favorites I’ve done are below.

Design Home

Design Home is pretty much just like Covet Fashion, except for interior design. It’s fun getting to style different rooms. Sometimes I don’t have the cash or diamonds for the items I really want to use though, so I have to work with what I can afford. That can get frustrating, but it’s still a fun game. Some of my designs are below.

Block! Triangle

This is a fun puzzle game! It’s a nice spin on tangram puzzles. You have to get all of the pieces to fit accordingly inside of the puzzle. It’s definitely challenging at times. Some puzzles also have a “fake out” piece, which is an extra piece that doesn’t belong in the puzzle at all.

Word Stacks

I have always loved word games, and this one has become one of my favorites! It’s more difficult at times than I thought it would be, but it’s super fun and addicting. I have literally played this for hours at a time. Each puzzle game has a theme (like in this photo it is “May Have Stripes”, and you have to find the words that fit with that theme. However, usually only one word (sometimes two) are actually displayed at a time. The rest usually have letters blocking them. For example, I can tell that “clothing” is one of the words in the puzzle, but I can’t select it yet because other letters are currently blocking it. I would have to find other words first (which would eventually eliminate those letters and then I could select that word also). If you find and select words that aren’t an answer in the puzzle, you get bonus points (which goes toward hints and shuffles).

I also like how this game has different background themes that you can choose from to use. (They’re animated too!) I’m currently using the Fireflies theme.

Are there any apps/games you’re loving at the moment? Share in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Apps I’m Loving at the Moment

  1. I love Bitmoji! There are so many cute Bitmojis these days – even more fun when you have a lot of cute outfits to choose from, haha. Design Home looks pretty neat! I know I’d love to give that a try to spiffy up my interior decor skills lol.

    Nancy β™₯

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    1. It’s so fun because you aren’t just creating ordinary looks, you get to create looks geared toward specific themes. For example, there have been apocalypse themes, fairytale themes, etc. It’s so fun. πŸ™‚

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  2. Heheh, your bitmoji is so cute!! How funny that your mom forwards yours back to you! πŸ˜‚ I played Covet Fashion for a bit but it was too hard for me & I got frustrated about losing all the time, too. The outfits you put together are all so gorgeous & the names you gave them are so creative! Design Home was fun but, I don’t feel I’m that great at interior design. πŸ˜› Wordstacks seems like a lot of fun! I love a word games like that!

    I really like this game called Love Nikki. It’s a dress up game with a little storyline. You may like it, too! πŸ˜„

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