Team Pink or Team Purple?

It has been six weeks! Did you miss me? Probably not. lol Well, I finally got around to posting again, so let me update you on what’s been happening with me recently.

Where I last left off, I was telling you about my car accident and the issues with that. Since the guy was driving for Uber at the time, I ended up having to go through their insurance. It was a hassle. After a month and a half of dealing with them, my car is finally in the shop being fixed! I dropped it off at Sharrett Collision Center on Monday. They said it would take a week to a week and a half. Tomorrow will be a week, so I should have it back soon. Since I bought my car from the Sharrett dealership, they gave me a free loaner car. Thank goodness.

The car they gave me to use is a Mazda 6. It’s definitely way bigger than my Mazda 2, so it has taken some getting used to. It does have some things I like about it that I will miss though. Especially the amount of power it has compared to my car. My car is only a 4 cylinder, so when I’m at a red light and it turns green, it takes me a bit to get up to speed. Other cars end up taking off ahead of me. With this car, it speeds up much faster so it doesn’t take much to get going. However, I love how small my car is, so the less power is something I can deal with. I’m looking forward to having my car back.

Okay, time for some food pics from the last week. After getting my hair done (which you’ll see below), I asked my mom if she wanted to go grab something to eat at Washington Chicken. I know I’ve talked about this place before as it’s one of my favorite local places. I got my favorite chicken sandwich, the toasted jalapeno cornbread sandwich with mango habanero sauce. It’s messy but oh so delicious. It’s also huge and very filling.

Last week I also went out to eat with my mom and aunt. We went to Olive Garden. It had been a little while since I had been there. I ended up ordering the Braised Beef Gorgonzola Alfredo, which I had never seen on the menu before. I’m glad I went with this one because it was really good. I wasn’t that impressed with my previous visit to Olive Garden because my food had been lukewarm and the portion wasn’t that big. This time was much better. The food was good and hot, and the portion was pretty big. I ended up taking half home, so I was able to get two meals out of it. The best part about this pasta was the beef. It was super tender and melted in your mouth. The balsamic sauce that was on it made it even better. I would definitely order this again.

My mom and I went to the grocery store and I saw they had these different types of pre-made meals that you just had to heat up. I went with the general tsos chicken because I’ve been hungry for Chinese food. It wasn’t too bad, but it was a bit pricey. The chicken had good flavor, and the rice was good too, but I would have liked to have a little more rice. The egg rolls were absolutely terrible though. Heated up egg rolls are never good anyway, so I didn’t expect much, but these were probably the worst I’ve had. They were really soggy and didn’t have much flavor. I’ll probably just stick to Chinese restaurants from now on.

I mentioned that I got my hair done recently. I went purple! This photo was from the same night I had it done. I did a golden brown color on top. I regretted not just going full purple because I think it would have looked better, but oh well. This wasn’t the shade of purple I initially was thinking of in my head, but this was the only shade they had. It’s still a pretty color though, and it has some pink tones in it as well. It came out pretty dark though, and I don’t really like dark colors on me. I knew it would fade and get lighter though, so I didn’t really mind.

These two photos were taken yesterday (a week after first getting it done), so you can see it’s faded some. I like it much more now. I was also sitting outside, and my hair brightens up in the sunlight. You can see more of the pink tones when I’m in the sun also.

Personally, I still prefer when I had pink hair the most. Pink is my favorite color, but I just think it looks better on me. In case you weren’t around then or don’t remember, I’ll post a couple photos below of me with pink hair last year.

Are you Team Pink or Team Purple? Let me know in the comments.

So what else has been going on? Well, my area has been experiencing constant internet outages for the past two weeks. We really only have one internet provider here, so it’s not like we can just switch. It’s been annoying. We’ve had to reset our router multiple times a day, and then it just ends up going down again shortly thereafter. What’s especially frustrating is that Antietam keeps posting on their facebook page that the issue is resolved. Then literally within an hour of them posting, the internet goes down again. They also keep purposefully taking the internet down each day to “perform maintenance to fix the issue” but then the issue still isn’t fixed. The next day it’s the same thing all over again. It’s been two weeks of this, so I’m starting to think this is going to be the new normal and there’s nothing we can really do about it unless we just cut our internet off completely.

I will be in the middle of watching a movie on Netflix and then boom, the internet goes down. That’s the least of our concerns though. These constant outages have affected our community on a larger level also. First off, it’s not even just the internet that has been down. It’s also the phone lines. (Yes, people still have landlines. Mostly elderly folks and businesses). The elderly that don’t have cell phones, don’t have a way of contacting anyone. Local businesses have had to re-route their phone lines to their cell phones in order to take business calls. Online ordering has been down and a lot of businesses haven’t been able to charge people’s cards. They’ve had to put signs up that said “cash only”, which is turning away a lot of customers (because who really pays with cash anymore? I don’t. I always use my card and rarely have cash on me). Businesses have really been affected by this, and I feel bad for them. There are also a lot of people who work from home and have to go without pay for the hours the internet has been down and they can’t work.

All I know is I really hope this is fully resolved soon. People have even been posting some memes on facebook, which are definitely spot on.

17 thoughts on “Team Pink or Team Purple?

  1. Oh wow the internet outages sound like SUCH a huge problem. We’ve had a lot of outages lately also, but not like that. That sounds awful!! O.O
    Also, I love the colorful hair!! Both purple and pink are so fun, but pink is my favorite color as well so I do like that one best. ❀
    I'm so glad it finally worked out for your car. What a hassle! Our car is also a 4-cylinder and I've noticed the lack of power sometimes since I had a 6-cylinder before. Such as yesterday when I was getting on a freeway and a semi-truck didn't want to let me on. I tried to boost the accelerator and the pedal literally hit the floor without any difference in speed lol. Scary times. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *Raising my hand* I missed youuu!! So excited to see this post. I’m glad it worked out with getting that loaner for free. Car stuff can be so stressful.

    Ok I am obseessssseed with your hair. It really makes your eyes POP & is so beautiful on you- work it girl!!! But ahhh the pink is so pretty too- you really pull both off insanely well – I can’t even choose!

    Oh my gosh we’ve been having internet issues too- so frustrating. Hope it all gets resolved soon! Thanks for sharing this update, Britney!


  3. I’m glad you were able to get your car fixed!! And the Mazda 6 is definitely a nice little fast car lol.
    The food looks great! You always know the best spots to go to! πŸ™‚
    I was recently wanting Chinese food too and havent had any good chinese food in a while and we found another place near us, I was skeptical because they have another location (which they sold to a different owner so its okay) but it was so good! I got general tso’s chicken too and the proportions were massive! Happy with both the deliciousness and price lol.
    Anyway I agree, reheated egg rolls never taste the same as they are fresh.
    I love your hair!! I’ve been wanting to dye my hair purple for like a year or so but I just havent taken the plunge haha. I think both colors suit you well! They both look stunning on you! Personally I like the purple better I’m being biased because that’s my favorite color!!! Lol.
    That really sucks that you guys only have ONE internet provider there. We have a few but the others suck, so even if we wanted to switch, we couldn’t because this one is the best and fastest. Hopefully those issues get resolved because as crappy as it is for you, business could be losing clients and money altogether. 😦
    Have a great weekend love!!


  4. Nice update, but I’m having trouble deciding if I like the pink or purple hair better πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ they both look amazing on you!


  5. I missed you!! I’m so behind on my Reader but I was so excited to see you had a post up. πŸ˜„ I’m so glad you finally got through to the Uber insurance & I hope you’ve got your car back from the shop now!

    The purple hair looks so awesome but I am with you on Team Pink!! Maybe because it’s my fave color, too, though lol.

    Has the internet been fixed yet?! That sounds so terrible. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yes, I got my car back a week and a half ago. You can’t tell it was ever hit. 😁

      Nope, it’s been about a month now and we’re still experiencing Internet outages several times a week. It’s interesting how it’s almost timed too. For example, it goes down every single Friday evening. It’s ridiculous! I’m behind on reading blogs too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AW yay! That’s so awesome about your car but totally insane about the internet. I hope they freakin’ figure it out soon!


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