New Basement Additions

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you some new additions that I just got for my basement. This is my favorite spot in my whole house, and it’s also partly why I’m not very active on the internet/social media anymore. When I’m not working, I prefer to spend the majority of my time here just unwinding from the world and getting away from everything.

I already loved my basement as it was before, but I’m always looking for new ways I can make my basement even better. So that’s what I’m going to share with you today. Make sure you guys check out the video at the end!

So the new additions that I’m talking about are two new tapestries, new DJ lights, and a fog machine. The sun tapestry you will see in some of these photos is not new, but the skull and yin yang ones are. The art on these tapestries is courtesy of Brandi Young, aka brizbazaar. She is an absolute amazing psychedelic and blacklight artist. I linked to her instagram so you can check her out. She’s also really nice. I posted photos of my tapestries hanging up on my instagram story and she thanked me for purchasing and supporting her art and also gave me a shoutout in her story.

Now that I’ve shown you some photos, check out this quick video of my lights and fog in action. I’ve always wanted a fog machine, and I finally got one. I was hesitant because there is a smoke detector in my basement and I was so worried about setting it off. So far, so good. I haven’t set it off yet. I would love to really fill my basement up with fog, but I’m sure it would go off if I did that. So I’ve been sticking with just using a bit of fog at a time, but it still looks great and showcases the lasers nicely. Also, this might sound weird, but I absolutely love the smell of fog from fog machines. That’s another reason I wanted to get one. I think it’s a nostalgic factor because the smell reminds me of my rave days and also going to haunted houses.

15 thoughts on “New Basement Additions

  1. Oh my gosh, the video was awesome. It looks like a nightclub in there, I love all the colors. The smell of fog totally reminds me of haunted houses, too. The artwork is amazing on those tapestries. The artist sounds so sweet & humble. How cool of her to feature you on her IG! Your basement is a dream unwinding spot, I don’t blame you for wanting to spend all your unwinding time in there! 😍

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