Father’s Day Weekend: My Dad Tries the 2x Spicy Korean Nuclear Fire Noodles

My dad came over last night to hang out for Father’s Day. We got together on Saturday instead of Sunday (actual Father’s Day) because I could drink and everything, since I have to go back to work tomorrow. We started out by eating Shrimp (with extra Old Bay, of course). I provided the shrimp, but my dad cooked them. They were perfect! The last couple times I’ve eaten shrimp, it wasn’t very good. One time they were overcooked, and the last time they were undercooked. This time, they were cooked perfectly, so they peeled super easy and tasted wonderful. I ate mine with cocktail sauce on the side, but I also added in some crushed hot peppers to make it more spicy.

I tried the 2x spicy noodles previously. I kind of wished I would have filmed myself, but oh well. I ended up finishing the entire cup, which was my goal. My mouth was definitely on fire though, and my lips even turned slightly red and swelled up. They aren’t intolerable though, unless you’re not used to eating spicy food. My dad and I love spicy food, so this was kind of easy for us, but we still definitely felt the burn. It’s not bad at first, but it does have an after kick.

I recorded my dad trying the noodles for the first time, and I was cracking up! Before the video, he kept saying, “This doesn’t even smell spicy.” I thought for sure his reaction was going to be boring, but it was pretty funny.

If you would like to watch the video, here it is. Please note that there is foul language in the video. Also, disregard my horrible voice and accent. lol I always get comments from people about my weird accent. Even people in my location constantly ask me where I’m from originally. I’m like, “Here. I’ve lived here (Maryland) all my life.”

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Weekend: My Dad Tries the 2x Spicy Korean Nuclear Fire Noodles

    1. I know, lmao. He eats a lot of really spicy stuff, so he can handle more than the average person. I think he just had it in his head that these weren’t going to be spicy at all, so he was a bit surprised when they did turn out to be pretty spicy. 😛

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  1. Your voice & little accent are so cute! Your dad sort of has it, too, so maybe that’s where you got it from? The shrimps look so delish! Do you ever mix horseradish in your cocktail sauce?

    When I ate those noodles, I totally didn’t expect them to have as much of a kick as they did either lol. I had close to the same reaction as he did! Lol.

    Glad that you guys got to celebrate the holiday together. ♡ Always exciting to read a post from you, Britney!! Hope you’ve been well!!

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    1. Aww, thanks. 💜 My dad does kinda have an accent too. My mom does as well. I think hers is even stronger. lol

      I do mix horseradish in when I make my own sauce, but I didn’t this time since I used a store bought sauce. I think it did have some horseradish in it, but not a whole lot.

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  2. Yours and your father’s accent is adorable! But wow I had no idea a Maryland accent sounded like that ? I’d always assume that to be from the deep south! And those prawns look greaaat! HAHA NICE JOB YOU TWO! I hated the 2x spicy noodles because it was just pure pain and no flavour for me! I still eat the normal one on a semi-regular basis cause its so delicious!

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    1. Aww, thank you. ❤ I swear not everyone in Maryland sounds like me. lmao Even people here ask me where I'm from originally, even though I've lived here my whole life. Most of my family has the same accent though, so I just get it from them. They're also from Maryland originally, as were my great grandparents. So I guess it just depends. I have met other people here with a similar accent to mine, so maybe their family is from here originally too. Plus, the part of Maryland I live in is right on the border of West Virginia, so that could also explain the southern style accent. 😛


  3. i loooove your accent! it’s so cute! it sounds like your dad has the same kind of accent like you, perhaps that’s where you got it from?
    i’m TERRIBLE with spicy food and i get shamed for it all the time because my parents are Mexican, LMFAO!
    i hope you’ve been well these past few months 🙂


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