Surrealistique is a name I came up with, which is a combination of the words Surrealistic and Mystique. I feel like it describes me very well. I can be a bit bizarre at times, and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m quite mysterious.

This blog was first opened on June 21, 2017.



● My name is Britney, and I hate when people spell my name wrong.

● I’m currently 30 years old. I’m a November baby and a Scorpio.

● I was born and raised in Maryland. Old Bay for life!

● I love absolutely everything about the sky. I’m always taking pictures of the clouds and sunsets.

● I’m a bit obsessed with true crime stories. I spend a good chunk of my spare time just watching the ID channel.

● I love food, but I also have IBS, which makes my life difficult at times.

● Cats are the greatest beings to ever be in existence.

● My cat, Cameron, is a 7 year old Siamese.

● My (Himalayan) kitty Chloe passed away on Halloween 2017. She was about to turn 17 years old. I had her since I was 13.

● I’m an only child.

● I’m currently single and love my freedom. I have never been engaged or married nor do I have any kids. I’m still undecided on if I want to partake in those things.

● I’m a liberal and an atheist.

● I love kicking back with a few drinks and watching movies.