The Power of Makeup

Women have been wearing makeup for a long time now. That’s nothing new. However, now that we’re living in a more digital age, it’s even easier for us to alter our appearance. Many social media sites are full of filtered photos and faces full of makeup. It started with models being photoshopped in magazines, and now it’s everywhere on the internet. We know it’s not what these people truly look like, yet we somehow get caught up in it and start to feel a little down about our own appearance.

It doesn’t help matters when you struggle with skin problems, but everywhere you look you see people with flawless skin. Of course, not everyone has perfect skin. Most people just cover it up. There’s also those stupid “This is why you take her swimming on the first date” or “This is why I have trust issues” memes that suggest that women with skin issues are ugly without makeup.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup or retouching photos to make them look better, but I do think it’s important for people to see what’s behind all that. I want people to know that if they’re self-conscious of how their skin looks, they’re not alone. I’m not going to lie, I hate looking at myself in the mirror when I don’t have makeup on. I will not leave the house or let anyone see me without makeup on, except for my mother. I do know that there are many people with even worse skin than mine, but I still can’t help wanting to hide it. This is taking a lot of courage for me to post these photos, but I’m doing it because I want to bring more awareness to the issues that many people face.

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