Delectable Hair & Body Mist Review


I was browsing around the Ulta website when I stumbled upon this Strawberry & Cream hair and body mist from Delectable. It sounded delightful, and I love things that smell like strawberry. Plus, the packaging is really cute and appealing. This spray was originally priced at $10 for a 4 oz. bottle, but it was on sale for $6. It is a vegan product and contains strawberry extract and aloe vera.

I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I first sprayed this. I usually spray into the air first to get an idea of the smell before I spray on my body. Well, I spritzed some of this into the air and started sniffing. I didn’t smell a thing. So I sprayed some more. Still nothing. I said, “Did someone just fill this bottle with water? What the hell!” I decided to take the whole lid off and see if I could smell anything that way. I could, albeit it was faint.

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