Delectable Hair & Body Mist Review


I was browsing around the Ulta website when I stumbled upon this Strawberry & Cream hair and body mist from Delectable. It sounded delightful, and I love things that smell like strawberry. Plus, the packaging is really cute and appealing. This spray was originally priced at $10 for a 4 oz. bottle, but it was on sale for $6. It is a vegan product and contains strawberry extract and aloe vera.

I thought someone was playing a joke on me when I first sprayed this. I usually spray into the air first to get an idea of the smell before I spray on my body. Well, I spritzed some of this into the air and started sniffing. I didn’t smell a thing. So I sprayed some more. Still nothing. I said, “Did someone just fill this bottle with water? What the hell!” I decided to take the whole lid off and see if I could smell anything that way. I could, albeit it was faint.

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Review: Peter Thomas Roth Masks


I bought this Peter Thomas Roth mask sampler set from Ulta quite a while ago. Considering if you buy one of these full-size masks solo, they run anywhere from $50 to $80 USD. This sampler set only cost $25, which is an awesome deal! It allows you to try out the different masks to see how you like each of them. Despite the tubes being small sample sizes, this set can still last you a while. I’ve had this set about 4 or 5 months now and I’ve only used about half out of each tube. Even though I like some more than others, I will probably just purchase this sampler set again once I run out. Below is info on each mask in the set and what I think about them.

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